White w/ a Twist Gowns for MUCH MUCH LESS!

Photography by Lester Victoriano

Good news for all our dear rebellious readers out there!

How many times have you had a conversation with friends & family asking you who your wedding gown designer is? And when you tell them that you'd rather just buy a gown, you see eyes and faces trying to keep a straight face for you but you know that they have a nasty thought they'd rather not tell you.

For some reason, buying off-the-rack wedding gowns seem to imply a lot of things--it's not of the same quality, it's gaudy, and it's just not that special as having one especially made for you. BUT WHO CARES?!?!? Bridal gowns come in all shapes, kinds, sizes, and brands. What's important is you are comfortable with what you are wearing and it makes you feel damn beautiful.

But sometimes, even off-the-rack gowns can get really expensive! So when Ivory & White emailed us about their very affordable yet oh so pretty bridal gowns, we knew we had to share this good news to our readers!

Off-the-Rack Gowns w/ Service De Luxe Service
Ivory & White's bridal gowns range from P15-000-P40,000. They have over 30++ styles to choose! The best part is, you get an off-the-rack gown but with a service de luxe experience because their showroom is by appointment only so they can take care of you and your entourage on a more personal level.

We love their collection of "White w/ a Twist" bridal gowns!

Thank you for sharing this good news to us and our readers Ivory & White! :)

Here's a location map of Ivory & White. Contact them through email/text to make an appointment: ivorywhitebridal@gmail.com / 0916 362 0087

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/ivorywhitebridal?fref=ts

Photographer: Lester Victoriano
Styling: RabbitHole Creatives
Model: Kit Barraquias
Makeup: Finella Manuel
Hair: Dimple Callada

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