RB 2013 Forecast Report: CAPIZ

Photography by Carlo Cecilio of Imagine Nation

In our Rebellious Brides 2013 Fearless Forecast Feature, we said something about skipping the mason jars and the other foreign influences because we have our own local artful products that we can celebrate. One of which is the Capiz. 

The Philippines is naturally abundant with Capiz shells. Capiz makes for such an elegant design element for  weddings. The great part about it is that when combined with ingenuity and taste, it can definitely look modern--and in some instances, even whimsical. 

 Together with Carlo Cecilio of Imagine Nation, we went to Cravings Il Terrazo for inspiration to create this pseudo mood board (or maybe it should be called mood blog) for you. The way Cravings' in-house designer Tina Bonoan visualized this branch is the perfect living proof of just how Capiz can be very versatile. 

 Create a rebellious whimsical capiz look 
by combining it with pops of color! 

The Red-Turquoise-Capiz triple threat combo is such an exciting mix, don't you think?

Green & Capiz looks very organic! 
Capiz bouquet anyone? :)

Combining Capiz with metallic and neutral tones make for a contemporary look. 

How about creating a stylish entourage ensemble with a touch of Capiz accessories?
L-R: Monique Lhuillier (secondcitystyle.com) / Capiz earrings (owgoods.org) / Emi Jorge Capiz bag (www.couturelab.com)

For a sentimental, classic, and timeless look you can use black & white photos and combine it with Capiz mood lighting. 

The black & white photos you see from the interiors of Cravings are my husband's own lomo photos taken from his travels around Europe. You can do the same with your table arrangements by incorporating black & white photos that have meaning to you and your fiancee.

L-R: Capiz candle holders (casasugar.com) / Peony Capiz pendant chandelier (matthewizzo.com) / Black & White photos by MangoRed

 Which style fits you? The Whimsical Capiz? Contemporary Capiz? Or Timeless Capiz? 

We hope that our Fearless Capiz forecast for 2013 will inspire you to graduate from the usual wedding elements cropping up. Go Pinoy, Go Capiz.

Location: Cravings Il Terrazo
Interior Designer for Cravings: Tina Bonoan
Capiz chandeliers from: A Home Creations
Photography: Carlo Cecilio of Imagine Nation
Special thanks to RB Mica & my hubby for overseeing the shoot :)


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  1. ahh! im thinking of using capiz too but since my motif is very colorful i might have to pass it up. :(

    1. Hi Ceska,

      As you can see in our feature, a whimsical take on capiz can be combined with pops of color :)

  2. Wow! That's Cravings? Ang ganda na nila ah.

    Thanks for the post RB. I learn something new every time I read your blog.

    More power.

  3. Where is this? Beautiful.
    Where can I buy custom made capiz?

    1. Hi Olive,

      The venue for the shoot was Cravings Il Terrazo Branch. You can buy capiz items in places like Dapitan, Market Market, or Divisoria. If that's too inconvenient for you, you can try the Filipiniana sections of major department stores :)

      The RB Team