Rebellious Bunch - The 12 Masters Photography

"Rebel Bride –A woman of confidence and beauty, a mix of mystery and reality, the master of all Brides."  
-- 12 Masters Photography on their definition of the Rebellious Bride

There's something about the colors, the crispness, and coolness in each and every masterpiece from 12 Masters Photography that we find intriguing. 

Somehow, they've been able to create some sort of romance to an otherwise extreme principle of natural versus post. We don't know how they do it, but it is because of this intriguing technique that we've come to include them in our Rebellious Bunch list (the very first for 2013!) 

Beyond the technique though, 12M's many charms is that they find so much life & beauty in every aspect of the wedding. Something that every rebel bride will sure to appreciate.

From the RB anniversary celebration

Even their black & white somehow feels so colorful in its own way--if that's even something that's understandable to comprehend. But that's just how I can really describe it. In fact, one of my most absolute favorite black & white photos of myself was photographed by Marvin Dungao of 12M. 

So save the date ladies. 12 Masters is the real deal and we welcome them to our Rebellious Bunch List with open arms and toes. Hooray!



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  1. Thank you so much Rebellious Brides!!! I so so so love the feature!!!