Surviving the Wedding Fever

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So you just got engaged and now you are drowning from all the information you are bombarded with from wedding expos, wedding magazines/blogs, and advise from everyone.


Here's a fail-safe 3-step survival guide before you catch the "wedding fever":

Step 1: SAVOR IT BUT --

Be the hunter not the hunted(
Go ahead and grab all the wedding magazines you can get your hands on, go to all the wedding expos your feet may take you, and listen (or pretend to listen) to all the wedding talk you got yourself into. SAVOR IT.  Why? Because it's the only time you have an excuse to be in this "lucky" situation. When you were single you secretly wished and wondered when your engagement time will come and when you'll have the privilege to buy a wedding magazine--and here you are today. So savor it. Enjoy it. BUT DON'T DIGEST EVERYTHING. Meaning, just because all of these information are being given to you, it doesn't mean you have to note everything down. Think of it as a food menu or a buffet. Yes, there are a lot of options but there's only a few that will stand out. Don't think of it as information overload. Think of it as an exciting wedding hunt and at the end of the hunt is your very own personalized wedding.

Don't lose sight of who you are as a couple (

Remember the Chuck Taylor explosion? All of a sudden everybody said they incorporated it in their wedding because it's "them". Or was it really? Sometimes, the problem with wedding preps is that you search for the best ideas/suppliers and try to force-fit yourselves into it.  But it should be the other way around. Once you have all the information from expos, magazines, etc., quiet your minds and have a talk. Visualize your dream wedding. Is it simple? Is it grand? Are you a quirky couple? Are you going for timeless? Get your ideas from WITHIN. INSIDE OF YOU. Then once you know what you want (without outside influence), look at your pile of wedding information and see what fits you. Don't be enslaved by the very intricate world of our vibrant wedding scene--let it serve you, not mold you into something you are not.

Keep it on the down low. Surprise them! (photo:

Once you have pinned down all your suppliers and your concept, the next thing to do is keep the mystery around your wedding. Don't divulge all the details to your loved ones even if you want to. Why? Because they won't stop commenting and once they start commenting, you will begin to doubt your own ideas, and you'll end up revising and revising 'till you can no longer hold on to your original vision. As much as you love them, the truth us, they will be shooting down your wedding ideas and that's just the way it is because you can't please everybody. Some will even attend other weddings and tell you to do or not do what they've seen in those weddings. Save yourselves the heartaches and just be cryptic about your plans. It should be a surprise anyway! But if you must share details with them, keep it within the basics. If you have "rebellious ideas", don't share that just yet.

Use this 3-step formula and you'll have the peace of mind that you are looking for. Remember! The wedding preps is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so enjoy it. This is supposed to be a happy time.

Good luck with the preps!


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