Save the Date Plunge

Inspired by the classic Levi's commercial of a couple jumping off from a pier, Sey & Erik literally took the plunge for their save the date video. A simple but very fun idea.

Photo by Jay Colina
Sey shares: 

"Since our engagement and wedding dates were kept in a tightly sealed "SECRET" jar for so long, we figured it was time to tell our family and dear friends that THE day is coming soon. 

This is a sort of "save the date" clip and fun memento. The concept is about "taking the plunge", and the Marvin Gaye song Let's Get it On is just about right for a soundtrack - smooth, jazzy, fun, sexy? And all that. Big thanks to everyone who helped!"

On a separate note, the couple's logo looks so equally fun! Hooray to your upcoming wedding Sey & Erik! Have a fantabulous day!


Credits: Director - Kamil Roxas / Producer - Peewee Artista / Director of Photography - Jay Colina / Gaffer - Dwynn Trazo / Make up Artist - Victoria Khouri / Man who fell on the pool - Erik Briones / Woman who fell on the pool - Sey Carlos


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