Rebellious Prenup Workshop - Classic w/ a Twist

Photography by Carlo & Hyds Cecilio of Imagine Nation

Prenups can be quite daunting (especially for grooms). And not everyone has the time, energy, and budget to mount a mega production just for it. But if you really must have prenup photos but really don’t want to make a hullabaloo out of it, don’t fret. We collaborated with photographers Carlo & Hyds Cecilio of Imagine Nation, The Makeup of Mica Team, Cravings Il Terrazo, real-life couple Dominique & Angelique, and Project Runway Philippines Contestant Joseph Montelibano to prove to you that all you need are three simple, easy-to-do steps to create prenup photos that are classic but with a twist.

Sometimes, a charming restaurant can provide existing, pretty textures that don't need any further styling.

1.   An interesting venue – wherever you may be, pretty much all cities have a wonderful location just waiting to be discovered. If you don’t have the budget for a prenup stylist or the time to really plan for your prenup, all you need to do is do an ocular of your neighborhood. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the details that we often forget what’s right under our nose. Cravings Il Terrazo is among the many picture-prefect venues in the Timog area alone. And there are so many other restaurants cropping up that already have props, colorful backdrops, delectable furniture (and even dramatic restrooms!) that can be maximized for pictorial purposes. What’s more, vibrant restaurants are not just the options here—you could scout for spas, boutique hotels, and even furniture stores (besides Heima please)! SIDENOTE: When doing shoots in such locations, please do not forget your etiquette. This seems like such a natural thing to do but you’ll be surprised at the horror stories we hear about couples doing guerrilla tactics, trashing venues, and not even buying food or drinks in the restaurant just to have a photo. Doing this makes venues learn the hard way and will eventually turn down future shoots or charge higher.

Sometimes all you need is a pop of color or a pair of 'loud' earrings to step out of your comfort zone

2.   WEAR IT LOUD AND PROUD – there’s no need to jump into pools, do acrobatic moves or go to a prison just to show you have an adventurous, rebellious side. If you don’t have the time and energy to do such concepts, all you really need is to go loud with your outfits. For classic couple Dominique & Angelique wearing loud colors, prints, and accessories was already stepping out of their comfort zones. Borrow from a designer or stylish friend to use larger than life accessories or some print-on-print ensembles. Keep it tasteful though and not tacky! Only wear loud outfits that make you comfortable or flatter your features. If it’s not working, don’t try to push it just for the sake of having a unique photo. 

Anyone with a camera can claim they are a photographer. But taste and eye for creativity is quite a delectable rarity.

3.  Invest on a good photographer team – What you save on props, what you save on a stylist; you use to get the best photographer your budget allows you to. Believe you me, I have seen prenups done in the hippest venues yet the photos were not given justice because the photographer was an after-thought. Taste and preference varies from couple to couple. Here in Rebellious Brides though, we prefer and recommend for you to get prenup photographers that specialize in the natural look and a team that has a tasteful eye for detail.  It’s not about who’s popular, it’s not about who can give you a best deal, it’s not about who you can give you a free prenup as part of the package. 

More tips:

 1. RB Mica shares, schedule your bridal trial makeups on the same day of your prenup shoot to further save on time, energy, and budget.

2. Most couples do something rebellious for their prenup, then keep the wedding traditional. While there is completely nothing wrong with this, hooray to the couple who can actually INVERT this. What if, the prenup is the one that is traditional while the wedding is the one that has a twist?

3.  Involve loved ones! Bring the whole gang or family with you to the prenup shoot and make it a pseudo engagement party/affair of some sort! This allows you to be even more comfortable in front of the camera and will allow you to have those coveted group wedding photos that sometimes don't happen on the wedding day itself due to the tight timeline.

A Special Rebellious Brides Collaboration
Photography: Carlo & Hyds Cecilio of Imagine Nation
Makeup: The Makeup of Mica Team
Special thanks to Joseph Montelibano & Hyds for providing the outfits
Special thanks to real-life couple Dominique & Angelique for modeling
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