Candidly Pretty's DIY Workshop at the Trade School Manila

We'd like to personally invite you all to attend Koni Esteban of Candidly Pretty's "bartered" class on DIY making! And you gotta hurry because the class is almost full!!!

The class is "bartered" because this class is the brilliant idea of Trade School Manila wherein knowledge can be passed on to students without necessarily paying for a fee--instead, you can barter with what the speaker/teacher wants to get! How cool is that? For example, Koni will be sharing her knowledge on DIY crafting and she'd like to barter the following items below! And as you can see, there's only 4 seats left!!!

We absolutely LOVE, LOVE the idea of barter for knowledge--heck, we believe in a barter society w/o money! And RB Mica and I are also interested to share some of our own knowledge too--on weddings, on makeup, on Pinoy green living, and so much more! CLICK HERE to sign-up for Koni's DIY class!

Speaking of Koni, check out her handcrafted wooden spoon idea below! :)

As an organic advocate/neophyte eco warrior, I truly appreciate that Koni Esteban of Candidly Pretty made wooden utensil options for weddings. There's A LOT of waste that goes on in each and every wedding. So injecting sustainable and eco-friendly ideas show that we actually care for Mother Earth in our own little ways.

Why are wooden utensils better? First of all, even if guests opt to leave it for the trash it can be segregated after the reception under the pile of recyclables. Second of all, it will lessen the number of dinnerware that has to be washed which consumes a lot of water and toxic dish washing liquid products. And third of all? Why, it's a simple but wonderful detail to have of course! :)

To read Candidly Pretty's feature on their wooden utensils, CLICK HERE

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