Jon & Patti's Aracama+Prive Prenup

Photography by MangoRed
When MangoRed posted their latest prenup set, we couldn't be happier that it had the same spirit of our Rebellious Prenup Workshop blog post that talks about the three basic elements that can make any prenup concept classic w/ a twist: 1) A restaurant venue; 2) Loud elements; and 3) Investing in a good photographer.

Jon & Patti's prenup had all these 3 elements and more. The prenup venues were made at resto/bars'  Aracama & Prive; the loud elements comprised not just interesting laidback outfits but also amazing calligraphy and conceptual photo montages; and not only did they get MangoRed to do the shoot but they also teamed up with a brilliant creative team! The result is nothing short of a twisted prenup set. No lovely dovey poses here. Just sheer hotness and understated urban artistry. Enjoy!

To view MangoRed's complete set, CLICK HERE

Credits as lifted from MangoRed's site:
_ J O N  H E R R E R A  &  P A T T I  G R A N D I D G E | _ Shot on Location > A r a c a m a  +  P r i v e Hair + MakeUp > M a y e s s a  d e l o s  S a n t o s | Custom Calligraphy > P a t r i c k  C a b r a l  _  D a r k G r a v i t y | Photo Montage > G e o f  G o n z a l e s  _  R a b b i t h o l e  C r e a t i v e s

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