Rebellious Bride Rose's Bold & Classy Gown

Rebellious Bride Rose recounts the first time their officiating priest saw her gown: "I had my one-on-one confession with the priest while I was in my gown just before the actual ceremony. I was terrified that the priest would give me a sermon but then a funny thing happened, he asked: "Uy ang ganda naman ng gown mo, magkano yan?" I felt so relieved! I am very thankful to Tito Boy for allowing me to express my ideas and collaborating with me in creating this very bold yet classy wedding gown that I so dearly love! :)" 
Photos by Vinz Matias

When Rose got engaged, she admittedly didn't research on what type of gown would fit her personality--so much so that her first fitting was a disaster to say the least. It wasn't a disaster because the gown was in a bad state or anything like that--it was a disaster because Rose didn't feel like herself wearing it. That's when she realized that it was important to put more thought and effort into matching a bride's personality with the kind of bridal gown a bride wears. She realized that she wanted a gown that reflected her: bold but classy. 

The end result was a collaborative effort between the bride and her designer Boy Kastner Santos as they envisioned a gown that was just as sassy, spunky, and sexy as the bride. 

Rose shares: "I was very lucky that my gown was received very well even by the conservatives. I guess elegance can radiate from how a bride feels about her wedding dress :)"

Kudos to the bride and the designer for being able to pull-off a bold but classy gown. It could have easily gone array if it weren't in the hands of someone with a high taste level so clap clap clap to BKS Couture. 

Congratulations as well to the lovely couple for keeping it real! 

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