Prenup High

Photography by: Framed Up Productions
Though Meanne and Larson  have been together for 11 years (going on 12th on their upcoming wedding day), Meanne admits she and Larson have very different personalities. And agreeing on a prenup idea would be no exception to this. What I love about this prenup was that although the couple wanted to do the usual made-up type of prenup, they didn't just do it the way other couples have done it. Instead, their inspiration came from within--from what they were feeling right now--which is, feeling that natural high of being engaged.

Meanne shares:

Hello Team Rebellious,
I hope you are doing great. :) I am one of the many readers of your blog. I enjoy every detail of your engagement and wedding features.

A little background about us, we are to get married on our 12th year anniversary. (April 7, 2013). We are each others first and definitely last girlfriend and boyfriend.  We are two persons with extreme personalities; I am the outgoing type, while he prefers to be with his usual techy stuff (play online games, read manga, etc.)

And probably because of our contrasting interests, we couldn't think of any specific theme for our engagement shoot. The only major concept I had in mind included the famous ‘buwis-buhay’ shots as what others call it.

To end this, I'd like to leave you what could better describe our attached picture: I guess 'the roof is on fire, we are definitely on a natural high'. :D



Have fun on your wedding you too! And keep up that natural high! :)

Engagement Session Location: Cintai by Corito’s Garden

Make up & Styling: Nino Angeles

Hair : Ivan Dollosa

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