The 'Man of Honor'

The Bride & Her 'Man of Honor'
When RB reader Kez emailed us to ask if we were open to blogging a tribute for her 'Man of Honor' instead of 'Maid of Honor', we were more than happy to oblige just because it was such a cute story, and very rebelliously bold of Kez to change the so-called entourage rules a little bit. 

Time and time again we hear of brides who have not been allowed by the parents to choose their own BFFs to be the MOH or even bridesmaids for the most conservative of reasons--that the entourage should be relatives, that they shouldn't be comprised of married friends and all that cr%p. 

But at the end of the day, you want your best friends to be your entourage--people you are actually close to and people that the bride specifically want to choose regardless of gender, status, and blood relation. This blog post doesn't have any fancy photos. Just a simple declaration of gratitude that Keza wants to extend to her 'Man of Honor'

Kez writes: 

Since my fiance (now husband) and I are Chinese, there were some rules that we needed to stand by. When I told my mom I wanted my guy best friend of 10 years Irwin to be my maid of honor, at first she reacted that I can't place a guy in a role intended for women. Then she thought about it and she agreed to it. We were lucky enough that the church in Bacolod, Queen of Peace agreed that a 'Man of Honor' was okay. 
Preparing for the wedding was stressful and I'm lucky enough that my best friend was there with me from planning to handling my meltdowns. A week before the wedding, Irwin arrived to take over the final preps and everything. I was really thankful for him since I haven't had enough rest because of the stress. 
Wedding day came, he was the one who woke me up, we had breakfast together, he handled transporting our guests from the hotel to the church, and everything else in my wedding like a professional wedding planner. 
Irwin will always be one of the constant men in my life. 
To Irwin, thank you so much for being my best friend and for always being my reality check.

We'd like to commend rebellious bride Kez for taking a stand, her MOH Irwin for taking up the challenge, and even Kez's mom for being open-minded about this. 

We hope that this will inspire everyone to have the guts to take a stand when it comes to choosing your entourage. And don't be afraid to be more open-minded about this. There's technically no strict rules in selecting the entourage--- if there were, why would Kez's church even allow it? We only think there are 'rules' because we've been so used to doing the same things but it's all in the head. 

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