"Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication...and Rebellion"

 "A rebellious bride is a tough bride. She can be simple and refined, someone who stands firm with her decisions, one who is not easily influenced by others just because she prefers not to conform to traditions or customs."

Rebellious Bride Agnes on her definition of a Rebellious Bride

Photography by Pat Dy
When Rebellious Bride Reader Agnes emailed us, she said that she believed that simplicity was the ultimate sophistication. She also enumerated the reasons why she believes she is a rebellious bride, with a 'pahabol' note that says "...and hopefully you would consider [me an RB too] as I try to convince you hehe" 

And convinced we are. And it's true. Agnes and Jayson's wedding was indeed simple. Purplish and simple. But they got Pat Dy to immortalize their wedding through beautiful photos, and they got RedSheep to create the not-your-usual-dramatic video to keep the fun memories on rewind. And that's all you really need, don't you think? 

Rebelliousness is not always about the magnitude of details you can implement in your wedding. Sometimes it's in pursuing and prioritizing the bigger investments and your bigger beliefs rather than spending and arguing on other things. And here's how Agnes argued her piece on why she is a Rebellious Bride:

RB Agnes writes:

1) All the decision-making for the entire wedding was from me and from hubbie alone--even if it came to a point when some protested that the color motif that I have chosen was dull, we still pushed through with it anyway.

2) I decided to get an off-the-rack gown instead of the traditional custom-made gowns. Do note, my hubby was also there with me during the fitting so yeah he saw the gown before we got married at Church.

3) Simplicity: We had minimal styling from the cake, invitation layout up to the reception venue. I believe in the saying "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

4.) I think I also have a rebellious groom. Why? When we were in the selection process of our wedding bands, he made sure that his ring would be surrounded by diamonds too!

5.) Lastly we wanted the wedding to be not so dramatic as possible. So when Redsheep presented the SDE, we got really amazed! We wanted an upbeat song, so we asked Redsheep to use "I would do anything for you" by Foster. 

Jayson x Agnes from redsheep on Vimeo.

 "The wedding that we envisioned came true. No heavy dramas just pure happiness," muses RB Agnes. 

 Rebellious Bride Agnes may not have the intricate creative details but she and her husband have the perfect photos and an absolutely fun wedding video to last them a lifetime. Simplicity is indeed the ultimate sophistication...and act of rebellion. 

Congratulations to Agnes & Jayson! 


Photos: Pat Dy Photography
Video: Redsheep
Flowers: Serge Igonia
Coordination: Berlyn Yap of Blissful Occasion Events Organizer
Makeup: Rina Gorospe
Caterer: Centertable

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  1. Thank you RB team for this post! ;) - Agnes & Jayson