Dani & Paolo's Museo Pambata Prenup

"In real life, we're probably as 
'un-rebellious' as you can get"
---Dani shares with us in her email. We think otherwise though. 
Photography by MangoRed

Dani & Paolo may think they are not rebellious but any couple who is unafraid to work w/ the ultimate topak tandems MangoRed + RabbitHole Creatives--to know that things can get out of hand? Well...that's pretty rebellious in our books! And crazy is probably even a 'tame' word to use in describing this shoot. 

Dani writes: "Is it counted as rebellious when there's obviously a theme for the shoot but you can't seem to describe what that theme is? :) Monsters? Childhood play? Marching band? We can't quite put our finger on it but what we were going for was colorful, lively, festive, with a touch of the kind of madcap fun you can only have when you're below the age of ten! We think all of our suppliers fit the bill with the kind of shoot we had in mind."

Sittin' here thinking 'bout yesterday 

About what we did and how we used to play 
Just the thought of you bring a smile upon my face 
That's how it makes me feel to see you everyday 

Come on and take my hand 

To that special place 
Where smiles come to life and dreams come true 

Take me there 

I wanna go there 
Take me there 
Let's go there 
Take me to that great place 
With wonders and wishes 

Clap clap clap Dani & Paolo! May this inspire everyone to be silly, have fun, and celebrate love in the most joyful way possible! :)

Photography: MangoRed / Styling and Concept: RabbitHole Creatives / HMUA: Rochelle Lacuna

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