Marc & Mica’s Throwback Thursday

Oh wait, it’s just Tuesday (said the mother who had epidural). As creative license though, we’re calling it #timemachinetuesdays. And there, we’ve found an excuse to reminisce our wedding day.  But we’re doing it in a different way.

Here at Rebellious Brides, we do our very best to curate & try what’s out there in the wedding world. Recently, we checked out this new online wedding site maker called Wedding Lab.  Wish we did use one before our wedding but had fun using it on our imaginary second wedding. In fact, as part of reminiscing, here's our time machine wedsite:

WEDDING LAB is in the air!
 We really had fun customizing the site and to think we’re not getting married, what more if it’s the real deal? Start by choosing from the super nice looking themes and then personalize the content.

 But my favorite part is the gift registry. 

Gifts are just representation of the cash value. So your guests will know where their contributed money will go.

It’s a totally new attack on asking for money on your wedding day (the non-tacky way). You can create a category so that the gift-givers know exactly what they're contributing to your wedding, like a Honeymoon Fund or a Baby Fund or a Home Fund. OR you can   invent your own gift registry category! Make it fun and creative for your guests :)

Pangkabuhayan Showcase
Trip to Quiapo to Amanpulo
Honeymoon Fun Raising

Since Marc & I have a little daughter already and we want to create fun memories with her, we came up with this online registry:

But wait, there's more!

This site can also be the avenue for your guests to get to know the two of you better, whether it be through blogging about your story or posting old photos.

Are you getting married soon? Or renewing your vows? Have fun with this site and share it with your friends and family. It surely is a great avenue and tool for your wedding preparations :)

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  1. Wedding details are my favorite part and you did a wonderful wonderful job with all these cute little details..I bet everyone enjoyed them!