The Limited Edition Rebellious Fine Jewelry Collection

The Limited Edition Rebellious Brides Colored Diamonds, Stackable, Eternity Rings

If my 30-something rebellious self got a chance to talk to my 20-something rebellious self, I'd tell her to stop wasting money on fancy bags, shoes, accessories, and clothes. These things are so fleeting, they depreciate in value, and worse they get worn down. I can't even begin to imagine the total amount of money I've wasted on these trifle things that we were brainwashed to covet. My 30-something rebellious self will instead tell the younger me to invest in fine jewelry--they appreciate in value and they are investments that last a lifetime.

Exclusive Rebellious Brides Tanzanite & Diamond Earrings 

But RB Mica and I aren't the typical jewelry lovers. As rebelliously topak as we are, we like them colored. The rarer, the better. So we teamed up with one of the most prestigious jewelry makers in the country, Cuenca Jewelry, to collaborate on a rebelliously rare collection. The best part? All readers get an outright 25% OFF. No other 'alahera', and no other store can beat our exclusive deal and our unique but top-of-the-line pieces. So whether you're a bride, a debutante, celebrating your anniversary, or simply treating yourself with a gift, make it deliciously rebellious. After all, if you are spending on something big, might as well get something that's unique.

Modeling this rare collection is no other than one of the creme de la creme of the wedding industry. known to many as a makeup artist, Madge Lejano has already transcended into a force to reckon with in this industry in many other fields.  She is at her brightest and that's why we chose her as our muse.

Know more about this drool-worthy collection by reading more below. If you fancy anything, simply use the code as your email subject when you email us at The code is: *RBSPARKLE* and you automatically get your 25% off exclusive deal.  Since this is a Limited Edition deal, only a few are going to be fulfilled. Enjoy!

Love comes in threes, don't you think? And who says a bride's wedding band had to match the grooms? Our specially and exclusively designed 1 carat stackable eternity set comes not in one but THREE eternity rings adorned with white, yellow and cognac diamonds, perfect for the multi-faceted rebellious bride. Wear just one for day wear, mix & match on fun days, wear all three on special occasions! What's better than an eternity? Triple eternity! For my own pair, I wear it to represent my three weddings! The yellow one represents our Boracay wedding because it's the "sunny" one. The white one represents our church wedding because it's the most traditional one. The cognac ring represents the Vegas wedding because it's the funky one. My friend says hers represent herself, her hubby, and their baby--'aint that sweet? In celebration of our blog's anniversary, we are giving an exclusive 25% OFF deal on a set!

If you have to keep a tradition, might as well go for something super unique. Tanzanite is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds and believed to only occur precisely during the strike of lighting in the regions of Manyara. And as if that's not enough to make this gem any rarer, its color changes from purple, to blue, to indigo depending on the type of lighting that hits it. A woman who wears Tanzanite is believed to be confident, a cut above the rest, and mature beyond her years. And it is because of the rarity of this gem that we wanted to design one for the Rebellious Bride. This Tanzanite & Diamond earrings can be worn in two ways. Remove the tanzanites to make it into a simple diamond earring. Again, this limited edition rebellious design is at 25% OFF in celebration of our anniversary. 

To show you just how incredibly brilliant this pair of earrings is, allow us to share with you an ordinary photo without filters, and shot using a camera phone:

Madge's photo using an Iphone / Jewelry photos using a Samsung Note

This special collaboration with Cuenca Jewelry has been a long time coming! And we are so glad that we were finally able to launch this to design & create statement pieces for all you fabulous rebellious brides out there. 

For price inquiries, email: and don't forget to use the subject: *RBSPARKLE* 

CREDITS: Photography by Carlo & Hyds Cecilio of ImagineNation / Hair & Makeup by the Makeup Studio Team by Madge Lejano (special thanks to Aaron, Randy, and Angel) / Modeled by Madge Lejano

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