Taiwan Gets Metrofied

Photography by Metrophoto
When I was reading Oly's write-up of Barbara and Anthony's pre-wedding photos in Taiwan, I could feel his emotions jumping right through my laptop's screen. So this feature is not just to showcase the couple and their Metrofied photos (that cannot even be encapsulated in any superlative that I can think of right now), this feature is also a recognition and respect for Oly's admirable dedication, and of the suspenseful challenges he had to face during this shoot.

Oly writes:

"It’s easy to say that this trip could easily have been a disaster, but despite all the troubles, there were several encouraging silver linings that mitigated all of them...I couldn’t thank Barbara and Anthony enough. What we did in this shoot is really one of the most difficult ever. There were times that I was looking to give-up on certain pegs already (something that I never do) but seeing both of them as determined as I was or even more, kept me going and we were able to do shots that have never been done before. Hiking up that impossible trail and climbing those slippery rocks were truly back-breaking – to do those and then still look amazing, that is beyond me. All the problems made this trip one of the most difficult, but all the great things that helped turn it around made this trip one the most fulfilling as well."

To view the complete set and the read Oly's entire write-up, CLICK HERE

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