The Details That Matter

When you look at Pao & Den's Ian Cruz Wedding Video, you might ask me why we chose to feature it in the blog--the wedding doesn't seem rebellious in the most obvious of details. But it did in the details that mattered.

It was in the way that Ian told the story--and how he best captured it with the bride. It was in the sweetest, most creative proposal. It was in the groom--not only in his outfit but in his own little quirks (including fake-tripping in the video). It was in the beautiful bride not just her fabulous gowns but in how she professed her love. It was in the perfect setting, in the most perfect cone in the world as the backdrop. Enjoy!

The Bride's message to Ian:

"When the downpayment was given to Shy at SMX, I hadn't met you yet. I only knew that you came highly recommended. Even then, I must be honest that I was a little worried. Everyone was telling me that videographers play a crucial role in every wedding. And yet, we just booked a videographer we had never sat down with. :) It helped that I saw how nice your outputs were from your site but I wasn't sure if you would be able to understand our story and whether anyone could capture it in a 5 minute film. My worries were eased when we had merienda at podium. As we sat there eating the burnt tinapay pizza, we took in your aura, and both Paolo and I felt a sense of calmness. You seemed to get us. Now, after seeing a same day edit that we didn't even expect, I must say that you truly are a genius. Seriously! When you asked me to share a little something about the watch, I complied but I never would have guessed that something like THIS could come out of such a simple sharing. Truly, you have made a mark in our story. We will always remember. We will always be grateful. Dios Mabalos, Ian Cruz (and team). :)"

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