Rachelle and Lee's Tagaytay Highlands Metrofied Wedding

Photography by Metrophoto

I am a "Tagaytay Highlands Baby". What I mean to say is, Tagaytay Highlands felt like a second home to me for what seemed like fifteen years ('till my membership expired for being too old to be my dad's extension OUCH). New years, thanksgivings, holy weeks, hundreds of milestones, bonding sessions with loved ones will make this place forever special to me. What's my point? My point is, I know this place by heart and I've seen this place photographed many, many times. To make this place look new to me would be close to impossible. So when I saw Rachelle and Lee's 'Metrofied' Tagaytay Highlands Wedding, I was completely dumbfounded and downright impressed (as always) by how Metrophoto made such a seemingly popular venue feel exciting and new again. Of course, Oly is one half of it. Congratulations are in order to Rachelle and Lee for making their wedding so uniquely remarkable despite the weather. 

As always, Oly wrote a thoughtful write-up about his couple in his blog. To read about his experiences and to view more photos, CLICK HERE.

Best wishes Rachelle & Lee! And may your marriage be as strong, brave, and sexy as your wedding! 

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  1. I'm impressed with the photography..This is really nice and especially the bridal shots, they are charismatic.Thanks for sharing..