Stephanie & Raymond's Fall-Inspired Wedding

Photography by 12Masters Photography

There's something so utterly beautiful and comforting about fall. As I excitedly prep for my upcoming Oregon trip, I am definitely in a summer-to-fall-state-of-mind. When I saw Raymond & Stephanie's wedding, I knew it had to be in the blog because we rarely have fall-inspired wedding themes in our neck of the woods! And why not? Just because we technically don't have autumn doesn't mean we can't be inspired by it. We are loving the colors and the emotions of this wedding. In the advertising world, there's a technique called "creative alchemy" and that's when you are bold and twisted enough to combine two things that don't seem to work together so you can form a totally new brilliant idea.  Fall + Native Filipiniana = R+S's Rebellious Wedding. Kudos to the rebellious couple for creating this 1+1=3 rarity! 

Congratulations Stephanie and Raymond! And may your marriage be as delightfully romantic as your wedding! 


Photography by 12Masters
MUA: Diana Santos
Wedding Coordination: Anna Layco EMS
Gown designer: Merlene Marcelo
Caterer: Ladera

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  1. Wedding details are my favorite part and you did a wonderful wonderful job with all these cute little details..I bet everyone enjoyed them!