Veejay Floresca's RTO

"Albay" - Madore Collection / Veejay Floresca

I have three ultimate favorite Filipino bridal designers, one of which is Veejay Floresca! And not just as a designer but also as a humble superstar human being! I will never forget a conversation I had with a videographer and a photographer in one of the weddings I attended--they said that they are always around beautiful gowns, even Vera Wang gowns--but when it comes to perfectly fitted gowns, nothing comes close to Veejay's gowns.  And I love his whole concept of "Ready-to-Order"--I know this is yet again a super delayed post (yikes!) --but who cares as long as we get to spread the word and promote the fab talents we love, right? Here are some of our rebellious favorites from Veejay's Madore RTO collection!





Of course we are partial to the non-white gowns but if you are looking for the whites, visit Veejay's blog to see the entire collection! CLICK HERE :)

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