Cha & Marco's Family/Pamamanhikan Prenup

Prenup by Joel Salindong, Gabriel (G3) Duyor / Studio Namu

You may have recognized Cha & Marco from our special feature entitled: How to Create a Rebellious Brunch Wedding. And because they already had that moment when they had a shoot all to themselves, they decided to create a prenup that included their entire family. The photos are so beautiful! And I love the idea of involving loved ones during the engagement session because it allows everybody to bond and it also allows everybody to practice for the actual day. After all, a wedding/marriage is not just about the couple but it is also a union of two families and in other cases, even a union of your best of friends. Doing a family prenup is also much more meaningful don't you think? And it exudes a certain kind of emotion that is more than just the usual prenup ideas we see today.

Cha shares:  
It was Marco’s idea to do our prenup shoot with our families, and then treated everyone to dinner after. Since technically we never had a “pamamanhikan,” this served as a fun activity for our families to get to know each other. And since Marco is always the one taking photos of his family – he is rarely included in family photos / group shots. So we ended up not just with nice couple photos, we had great family portraits as well. J

Clap clap clap for the wonderful family of Cha & Marco! Their Batanes wedding is coming up!!! :)

Photographer: Joel Salindong, Gabriel (G3) Duyor
Location: Studio Namu
Gowns: Vidal Clayton / Cecilio Abad Design Team

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  1. Thank you Kai! :) And thanks also for introducing me to Vidal Clayton / Cecilio Abad Design Team and their wonderful creations!