We Are Seekers Goes Film

Wedding Videography in the Philippines has got to be one of the most challenging to break through. The standards are so high because they were pioneered and dominated by innovators the likes of Jason Magbanua, Bob Nicolas, Threelogy, and Mayad. And it's so difficult because you could easily get branded as a "me-too." But there are fresh new talents entering the scene--and if the name of the game before was to "copy" the greats, now, it's all about veering away from what has already been done and finding one's identity. And that's what I love about We Are Seekers' new brand of film making. As RV Dela Paz asserts, they gathered all their learnings from videography from their previous experiences and created a signature style that is proudly their own--something that's not copied from others.

And I quite agree. Their prenup video of Martin and Rizielle for instance, exudes a different coolness and hotness all at the same time. Their style is never overbearing. And it's one that I'm sure would resonate with the younger generation of couples who would want to go for the edgier but organic look.

Wedding Videography is one of the most interesting scenes to observe as a wedding fan. I started my own love for all things weddings by watching JMag videos some 7 years ago myself. I've seen wedding films evolve, and it's one that we can all be so proud of because it is in a different league compared to International counterparts. All is alive and well. And it's interesting who would be recognized locally and globally in the future.

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