Sarah + Eric's Koreanovela Prenup

When Sarah & Eric were thinking of what to do for their prenup session, they didn't have to look any further--they simply got inspiration from how their friends think of them--like a Koreanovela couple.

<Photography by Pat Dy>

Sarah shares: 

"Most of our friends say that we look like Korean couples so we decided to conceptualize a prenup shoot that projects "Koreanovela". My fiancee also watches a lot of Korean series and he was the one who wanted something that would look Korean!" (Sidenote: Perhaps the groom is also a rebel too! *wink*)

Sarah on being a "bitch" 

"Someone told me long ago that it seems like I wrote the book "Why Men Marry Bitches" because I am an exact copy of what the author used to describe as a "bitch" in the book. I am rebellious in a sense that I do not need to conform with life's common patterns  I set the trend and transform what needs to be renewed or modified. My fiance and I have already been together for 10 years and everyone would always be in awe of our love story. We are a complete opposites and yet no break-ups, no cool offs ever happened, just petty fights haha."

I would have to agree--they really are so adorable, no? And they do exude the cuteness of a Korean couple! Sarah is obviously gorgeous in each and every photo--but Eric is really killing the Korean superstar part too! :)

Here's a BTS of their prenup shoot
--kinda feels like a behind-the-scenes for a celebrity shoot!

We hope that Sarah & Eric's prenup concept will show you that a rebellious idea doesn't necessarily have to be over-the-top and doesn't have to be so overtly 'comical'. There were so many other obvious ways to have done this concept--like wore matchy matchy outfits or copy title cards of real Korean shows--and don't get me wrong, there's completely nothing wrong with that! But Sarah & Eric made it their own....and they made it originally rebellious. 

Photography: Pat Dy
BTS video: Joanna Eduardo
Stylist: DR style
HMUA: Andrew Jardenil
Location: Sofitel Manila
Gown: Rich Fontanilla

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