Anthony & Glenn - Same Love NZ Wedding

"Today we celebrate the best of what it means to be human. Today we celebrate love." 
-- from Anthony & Glenn's officiant 

<Photography by Metrophoto / Videography by Bob Nicolas>

The best part about having this blog is being able to celebrate rebellious love stories. And that has never been truer today. As I took in every photo and got lost in their wedding film, I found myself feeling emotional even if I don't know Anthony & Glenn personally. A lot will be said on the significance of showing to the world the wedding of this two. It will be powerful, it will make a statement, it will be moving. So we won't do that anymore...because one thing's for sure. Apart from what Anthony & Glenn's wedding stands for, let's all just take things lightly for a moment and revel at how FAB every little detail of their New Zealand celebration is. This two sure know how to throw a wedding! 

And don't forget to watch Anthony & Glenn's wedding film by Bob Nicolas below!


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