Gab & Ed x Colors & Co.

Sweet 'n Spunky is probably the best way that we would describe Gab & Ed's engagement and wedding.

<Photography & Videography by Colors & Co.>

In their prenup photos they exuded the vibe of the "cool kids" --two young couples just having a good time in the most laid back day possible. Come wedding day they cleaned up nicely and exchanged their vows in this awesome circular ceremony set-up, meaningful vows, and partied the night away with their cool custom plastic cups, vintage Coca-Colas, and their entourage in tow styled in high cut gowns with colourful lace linings. Yeah...that pretty much sums up this spunky union and it's sweet as Gab & Ed. We've interspersed the engagement & wedding photos to show you a unique visual story that really captured the different sides of the couple's personality. Enjoy!

Congratulations Gab & Ed! And may your marriage be filled with just as spunk as your wedding!

Watch the wedding video below. I love seeing the circular ceremony set-up over and over again!

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