Palawan Safari Engagement

"We are proud that we’ve significantly stretched the limitations of how pre-wedding photoshoots are done and we hope that this also paves the way to more people thinking big and outside of the box."
--Oly Ruiz, Metrophoto  

<Photography by Metrophoto>

Here in Rebellious Brides, we honestly take our own sweet time when creating new blog posts because we carefully craft each feature. So naturally, it's a long process. And we also do this as a passion project as we have day jobs and personal adventures that we balance with the maintenance of the blog. With that being said, to be honest, I shouldn't even be blogging right now--I am in the middle of nowhere, in a beautiful camping site in Southwest Oregon that's been dubbed as one of the top Eco resorts around the world, and here I am blogging--your fault Oly!!! (joke) 

In very rare occasions, we get excited with what the wedding gods currently have to offer that we just find ourselves stopping whatever it is that we are doing just so we can bring a spectacular story for you. Case in point, this very moment when we saw Metrophoto's uber rebellious Palawan Safari Prenup Set for Joyce and Rocky. This adventure is so awe-inspiring! Not just because of the willingness of the couple and the team to bring something new to the table but also because of how Metrophoto was able to capture and bring to life a new place in Palawan that we can all appreciate and dream to someday go to. For now, let Joyce and Rocky's safari escape inspire you. 

Oly Shares:

I can’t be more grateful to Joyce and Rocky, who have set a standard so high on how their photoshoot should be that it has allowed me and my team to imagine farther. Creating this showpiece requires many people (and for this one, majestic animals as well) to work prolonged hour and exert extended effort and having clients and a team that help everyone push each others capability is essential. Thank you to Irene Sy-Go, Teddy Manuel, and Jim Guerrero for styling Joyce and Rocky and for all the make-ups including that of Christian ‘the tribesman’ de Leon. Enjoy the photos. :) 

To view the complete set, CLICK HERE!

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