The Wedding Agency - "Mateo High" School Wedding

Not a lot of couples can say that they've been together since High School. That's why when Mark and Jasmine got our services to help them conceptualize for their big day, we took the cue from their love story and thought of having a school-themed wedding which we fondly called "Mateo High" --the couple's married surname. 

<Photography by We Are Seekers>

Doodled notebook-inspired invitations, pompoms instead of confetti, a sidetrip to McDonald's (it had a sentimental value), pencils, books, cardigans for entourage styling, and a pep rally vibe during the ceremony & reception, these were just some of the elements that were included in the couple's Wedding Agency Walkthrough.

We had so much fun making this wedding bible! And this is how Mark & Jasmine executed their oh so sweet wedding;

Rebellious Bride Jasmine shares: 

"I just want to say thank you very much for everything you've done for our wedding!!! It will not turn out to be that beautiful and unique if not because of your creative and fun ideas. Even if the wedding is over I still read your blog and follow you on FB. Parang masusubaybayan ko na ang paglaki ni Mindi hahaha... and the countless renewal of vows ni Kai. You guys inspire me to do crazy fun things in life!"

Here are more photos from the fun wedding courtesy of InstaWedding:

Nothing gives us more joy than being able to share with you guys the work that we do for our Wedding Agency Clients. Some of you might not know this but apart from maintaining the blog every week, we also make wedding bibles/wedding walkthroughs for our WA clients on a monthly basis. And we've been doing this for almost 5 years already! Most of our clients are crazy crazy busy --if not busy bees, they are from abroad. That's the main reason they got us--to help them ease up on the pre-wedding concepts since they are busy! So understandably, a lot of our clients are not able to work on their RB submissions after their weddings. So when we receive submissions like this from Jasmine and Mark, we are just more than thrilled, and more than happy to oblige with a feature!

We hope that their wedding gives you happy vibes for this week--it sure perked us up real good! Congrats Jas and Mark! And may your marriage be as fun, colorful, and awesome as your wedding!


Wedding Concept: The Wedding Agency by The Rebellious Brides
 Coordinator: Events by Thoffy
 Couturier (Bride/Groom/Female Ento/Moms): Boy Kastner Santos
Caterer & Reception Styling: Passion Cooks by Maja
Photographer: We Are Seekers by Rv Dela Paz and Wedding Campaign by Troy Monsod Videographer: Notion in Motion by Rupert Leo Albert Dennis
Flowers/Boutonnieres/All Props: Cheri Handicrafts
Church Flowers: Dangwa Florist
 Cake & Mini-cakes: Malen's Bakeshop by Micaiah Bunda
HMUA: Rae Venturanza-Salazar
Ento Make-up: Maynard
Invitation & Thumbprint Painting: Moki Gray by Moksha
Food carts: @Rsrfoodexpress
Customized Hanger: Hangers by Hannah
Souvenir: Kenneth Cole & VS + Mini cakes
Guest Souvenir: DIY bottlecaps by the bride + mints/sanitizers from Dreality Souvenirs

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