If Push Comes To Shove, Will You Walk Down the Aisle Alone?

I am honestly not a Heart fan. But I've got to hand it to her. She was rebellious and brave to have walked down the aisle alone without her parents. 

It got me into thinking if I would have done the same. Hypothetically speaking if my parents did not approve of the man that I loved and they refused to attend the wedding, I too would walk down the aisle alone. And nobody should judge a bride on that regard unless you know what goes on in a family's home behind closed doors. I grew up with very, very, very strict parents--even stricter than Heart's parents if I say so myself so I can identify with what happened here.  And there have been a lot of "Pro Heart" and "Pro Heart's Parents" weighing in on what happened. But who are we to judge, really--especially if you didn't grow up with strict parents?

The situation was naturally a controversy/scandal in Philippine/Asian society because of our traditions, conservative values, and whatnot. But the fact of the matter is, this is not even new in the more progressive parts of the globe wherein you are taught to stand in your own two feet at a young age. In some countries you had to have a job and already be driving a car at 16. At 18, you are expected to be independent,  make your own decisions, work on your own life, date whomever you wanted, and learn from the heartaches. At your 20s/30s women in the other parts of the globe have toughen up by this time and can get married the way she would want to be married--even decide to have children or not--and it's nobody's business but her own. Does this make parenting in progressive countries bad? Does it mean they don't love their kids? I don't think so. Life after all is not just about the happy stuff but also learning and maturing through the challenges of living said life--something you can't do if you are still being babied in your twenties, thirties, worse if it even reaches forties.  At age thirty, Heart is only able to break free just now--same as other women of her age in this society. 

So I may never really agree with most of Heart's decisions, but I agree with her on this one. Walking down the aisle alone makes a lot of statement--she was hurting but she continued on, finally able to fight for something she couldn't do all of her life. Now that she's a wife, the onus will be on Heart--will she be proving her parents wrong? Or will she be proving her parents right? Whatever it is, at least she stood for something and that's what life and being a woman should be about. 

(Photo Credit: Pat Dy via Manila Bulletin)

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  1. I've seen comments about this issue where people would blindly and tactlessly judge Heart as a "problem child" but to what extent would somebody have to carry the burden of always having to follow and please their parents! She's 30? I didn't even know that 'till now! She's old enough and yes I would walk down the aisle if I have to!