Lej & Jonathan: The Romantics

Sometimes, our blog's name being called "Rebellious Brides" has its disadvantages. Like people think that our features have to be blatantly weird, badass, or Chuck Taylors galore. And sure, to some extent part of being a "Rebellious Bride" can be like that--but it's so much more than that.

Because being Rebellious in weddings, engagements, as a bride or as an artist in this industry take many many forms. It can mean having the courage to do what others are afraid to do, or having the right attitude, or having the talent and knack for something tasteful. Because let's face it--those things are hard to come by. That's what we are celebrating here through Lej & Jonathan's engagement shoot more than anything else.

Photo: Team Benitez Photo
HMUA: Gery Penaso
Gown: Mel Orlina
Stylist: Wanderlust Productions
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