We Can Be Heroes

A Rebellious Bride who allowed for her groom to wear a Batman mask on their wedding day is a bride we would definitely want to hang out with. Paloma is one such bride and more. The bride wore two wedding gowns on her wedding in Madrid, Spain.  One of the gowns was her grandma's vintage nightdress deconstructed with satin and lace. And the other she handcrafted along with her friends from Spanish brand Suma Cruz. The boys from the wedding party were allowed to wear Spiderman outfits  -- and let me tell you, there's nothing more a little boy would want to do during a grown-up party. This wedding was full of love, life, and laughter in the most effortless way possible.

It's always heroic when two people have the courage to get married--but it takes super heroes to make the wedding rebellious.

Salud to Paloma and Edu!

Go Printed

When we first started this blog some 5 years ago, we took a leap of faith in shouting out to the cyberworld that we are "Rebellious Brides" and we sought out kindred spirits who have the same unconventional ideas as we do. At first, it was difficult and sources were very few. But we kept on going. One of our very first propaganda here in the blog was going for 
"Anti-White Gowns".  And again, back then, there weren't very many examples to feature. 

Fast forward to 2016 and we are so thrilled that we have awesome artists like Quirky Creatives who share the same vision as we do and who share the same beliefs that bridal gowns don't have to be white--nor do they have to be plain. 

Together with Tipping Point Collective, Jacq's Florals Design Studio, and REAL Makeup Artisty, Quirky Creatives collaborated with this rebel team to come up with printed bridal and groom looks that are definitely inspired.

Jem + Moshe's Modern Mimimalist Wedding

With the plethora of beach, garden, and church weddings, it's refreshing to see Jem and Moshe's city rooftop wedding riddled with thoughtful minimalist details. Think black and white typography, architecture, and the bride's rebellious bridal jumpsuit!