Twin Peaks

Who would have thought that Twin Peaks can be a wedding theme?!? Well, the folks over at Three Region Photography thought it was actually a brilliant idea--and together with their rebel team, put their vision to the test.

Three Region Photography Shares:

With Twin Peaks: The Return coming back to Showtime and our team's love for David Lynch and all things spooky, we wanted to create a strange and magical wedding that Lynch would be proud of.

We added little Easter eggs throughout the shoot that only die-hard fans would get but also wanted to create an aesthetic to inspire brides that may not be as familiar with the show but desired something different on their big day.

Our goal was to capture the vibe of Twin Peaks and create a highly conceptual shoot that walked the line between wedding inspiration and fashion editorial. We wanted to include thematic elements and references to the show overtly. The idea that if you are going to have a theme wedding that it should be subtle and restrained is very popular right now, but we wanted to do the opposite. We want to encourage couples to be bold and expressive with their themes.


Photography: Three Region Photography
(IG: @threeregionnc)

Venue: Motorco Music Hall
(IG: @motorcomh)

 Planner: Folie a Duex Events

Florals: Wild Scallions Farm
(IG: @wild_scallions_farm)

Wedding Dresses:

Boutique: Gilded Bridal
(IG: @gildedbridal )

White Long Dress - Remy by Leanne Marshall ht
(IG: @leannemarshallofficial)

Red Dress - Tadashi Shoji
(IG: @tadashishoji)

 Hair and Makeup: Wink Hair and Makeup
(IG: @winkhairandmakeup)

 Models: Anna Reynolds and Nick Popio
(IG: @galacticthighboots & @nickpopio )

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