Your Love Story Is Unique. Tell It.

The hysteria of planning your big day is like nothing you will have ever experienced. There is just so much to do, so much to plan and think about, so much to consider and so much you don’t want to compromise on. It’s stressful and imperfect, but it’s love. But no matter how lost in the decisions you may feel, there is one thing you should keep in mind: this day of yours, your wedding day, is meant to celebrate the love you and your fiance have for one another and the story you have shared.

It is way too easy to spend your every spare minute (including the time you spend sat on the loo) pinning everything you see on Pinterest (your ‘Wedding Board’ becoming so big it requires its own server) in the hope that you will have the time, money and energy to recreate everything that you’ve seen.

But that will only go so far. What will carry you through with a big smile and a swelling heart is telling your story, and here are some of the most creative ways you can do that:

Tell Your Story… Literally.
In some distant corner, or even at the entrance of your wedding venue, have two easels set up with each of your stories on them, shown off in gilded frames for all to see. This is your big day, but your story it what has led you to this moment. That is what you want to pay homage too. It could be that you sit down with a creative storyteller and have them turn your journey into something heartfelt that people can read and you can keep, or you could make it personalised by keeping it in line with how you met (creating Tinder profiles for example). This is your chance to tell people how you met, fell in love and got engaged.

No Generic Vows, Please.
This will be nothing new to you, but coming up with your own vows is one of the most heartfelt ways of showering your fiance with love. It is your chance to put a truly unique and personal spin on your wedding, as you stand at the altar in front of your nearest and dearest. Yes, this is terrifying and, yes, you will no doubt shake like a leaf caught in winter winds. But it will be so worth it because you will have no regrets in the decades that follow. Read blogs and look for tips. You would be foolish not to. But, at the end of the day, remember this is your chance to share how you met, include stories of what life has been like together and explore what you hope the future holds.

Think Outside The Box.
Chances are, those at your wedding - your best friends and amazing family - know the story of how you met and the life you have shared up until this point. At least they know most of it, which leaves a little gap in which you can fill them in a bit. A great way to do this is to have a few ‘interesting facts’ printed on the guest's napkins about your story, things they may not have realised, romantic gestures he made to you and special moments you have shared. Not only will these draw out a few ‘awwwwws’, it will start conversations amongst your guests left, right and centre. You may even see a few of them swap napkins just to get a better picture of your love. It doesn’t even have to be on the napkins. You could have a different fact written on each table number, inspiring people to change seats through the meal to find out more.

Don’t Just Hire Someone With A Camera.
That’s right. Don’t just hire any old photographer, hire a storyteller, someone that uses their camera as a pen to tell the story of your big day, someone like Vittore Buzzi. Years from now when your memory has faded slightly and the stories you tell have become diluted by exaggeration ( it happens), your photos will serve as the most beautiful reminder of how amazing that day really was. They will remind you of how that day went. They will tell the story-inside-the-story. You want to see the story how it unfolded and the emotions that were felt; the love and intimacy, the laughter and tears of joy, the happiness etched into your friend's faces and the vulnerability you felt walking down the aisle. You want to see the confetti rain down on your smiles, your hair caught in the wind of your ‘Just Married’ motor and the moment you finally leave the party to whoops and cheers. That is what a photographer should capture; the emotion not just the scene.

That First Dance Is Yours & Yours Alone.
Whether you have a love for dancing or four left feet between you, creating a choreographed first dance is your chance to entertain everyone around you. It could be slow and emotional, fast and intimate, funky and hilarious, it is up to you. The point is, this is your chance to be you and let your personalities fill the venue like fireworks filling the sky. Sure, if you want you could try and choreograph an immersive routine that tells your story but, just be aware, this may turn out more funny than serious (which would be amazing).

Your Save The Date Is A Blank Canvas.
Every love story is unique. Every single one. Which is why you need to tell it in any way you can, and a great way to do this is with your save the date. We’re not saying you should write a novella, but layout the cliff notes that got you to where you are. Boy meets girl in high school, but they move to different states only to bump into each other on the platform of a subway twenty years later, their love story starting all over again. Yes, we’ve made that one up (we think!) but yours can be told in a similar way, told in your own words with your own infographics. Trust us, this will draw out more awwwwws than when you watched The Notebook with your BFF on a hangover.

Your Love Told On Blackboards.
What could be more romantic than lining the path from the entrance to your wedding reception to the altar and beyond with blackboards that tell your story, the different milestones and the important tidbits that you will never forget? We met in 2006. He said I love you on 21st June that year. We moved in together in the Winter. He proposed to me on a Safari in Kenya. You can have such fun and really make your guests smile as they walk down the aisle wrapped up in your story. Mmm hmmm. This would be amazing.

Put Together A Now & Then Collage.
Whether you have been dating for years and years or enjoyed a whirlwind romance, you should consider taking your guests on a trip down memory lane to show them just how far you have come, what your love story has entailed, the monumental moments and the intricate ones that means a lot to you. It could even be that you start before then and incorporate both your parent's wedding days to show how love brought both of you got to this moment; the bridge that brought you together. There will be funny pictures, awkward photos, fashion faux pas you would rather forget, the happiest of moments, hard times you got through and anything else you can think of.


Make The Aisle Your Own.
The sixty feet you walk down the aisle tends to be the most emotional, nerve-wracking and amazing walk you will ever make. To make it even more memorable, though, you should turn the aisle into a flashback aisle that takes you through your journey. You will get to walk down memory lane in the most literal fashion. All you have to do is print your story onto a runner. That way you can see how your love story started, go through the amazing times all over again and meet your fiance at the end of it, the words, “I do,” ready to burst from your lips. If you wanted to have even more fun with it, you could create a crossword puzzle on your program with the answers being hidden in your personalised runner. Not only will this give them something to do while they are waiting, make them talk and chatter and laugh, it will also run them through your story as well. Now that is magical.

Planning your wedding is one of the most daunting things you will ever go through. Your choices are infinite and knowing which direction you want to go with your big day will be harder than a Level 5 Sudoku puzzle. But, so long as you stick to telling your story, you will find you make all the right decisions to make your big day truly memorable and truly amazing. That’s a promise.


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