Jamie x Derrick: Marriage So Far

They say that nothing can test a relationship quite like when you are traveling together. It doesn't even necessarily apply to just married couples. It applies to family, friends, and even colleagues. That's why I am personally a firm believer that married couples should always make it a point to travel together. Even better if you could actually make time to travel before having kids or when you already have kids, try to travel at least once, without the kids--so that you can re-connect on a deeper level. This could even be a great time to just be young and carefree, forget the daily grind even for just a week or two--and maybe even discuss and resolve marital issues that you are unable to express at home.

We've featured their engagement and their wedding. Now, we are featuring their anniversary. A "triple threat" of some sort in the blog that's probably not happened yet, 'til now.

Newlywed couple Jamie (Wedding Stylist/Lifestyle Photographer/Entrepreneur) and Derrick (App/Game Developer/Digital Entrepreneur), just celebrated their 2-year wedding anniversary. Whilst traveling with them around Europe and Turkey, Jamie would often ask us to film her and Derrick. Always with the same shot of walking away from the camera, holding hands. And the backdrop always had to be the perfect one. Jamie said, it was for a video she was planning to do. Knowing how uber creative Jamie is, I couldn't wait to see what she had up her sleeve. And so finally, Jamie posted this video on Facebook, stitching together the video clips that they have collected over the past two years as they traveled the world:

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Isn't this video just literally #travelgoals and #couplegoals? But lest you think that their marriage is just all about traveling, think again. What makes Jamie and Derrick even more inspiring is the fact that they are one of the most hardworking, talented, and innovative couples I know.

Immediately after their wedding, they decided to pursue their dream of putting up a digital company and risk everything. They had to give up their car, sell some of their belongings, and move back in with their parents so that they could put everything that they had on their company. Within months of launch, Derrick's game/app became #1 in the WORLD--a first for a Filipino app/game developer. And within a year, they quickly got back on their feet, bought their own house, and found themselves traveling the world because Derrick would often get invited as a keynote speaker in Asia and Europe. Jamie on the other hand, would not just get regular wedding styling gigs in Manila but also worked on weddings in Australia and Canada. They are a living testament that unwavering faith, confidence, and creativity can make your dreams come into fruition. They have already conquered and achieved a lot, in just 2 years of marriage--and it's exciting to see what else is in-store for them as they reach more milestones.

We hope this feature inspires you all to take risks as a newlywed couple WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG.  And don't forget to find time to re-connect and constantly do "regular honeymoons."

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