Could You Take Your Wedding Abroad?

Thinking of getting married abroad? Having a wedding in another country can have its advantages – you could combine it with your honeymoon. 
It’s also certain to be a memorable occasion for all. That said, getting married abroad does take a lot of planning. Here are some factors to 
consider when getting married abroad.

Consider your guests

Getting married abroad means you may not be able to invite all your friends and family. Paying for them all to come out will be very expensive.  
You could get them to pay for their own travel, but it’s unlikely they’ll all be willing to fork money out of their own pocket to come along, especially 
if you’re travelling to another continent. Think carefully about who you bring and choose a suitable venue. You could get married in a hotel, giving 
your guests somewhere convenient to stay. This could be a hotel near an airport such as Residence Inn Montreal Airport. Help your guests when 
it comes to travel and accommodation – making it an easy process for them will encourage them to come.

Compare the currency

You’ll be dealing with another currency when booking the venue, catering and other aspects of the wedding. Make sure to compare currency 
transfer rates so that you’re getting a good deal. You may want to transfer all your money into cash rather than using card and having to deal with 
multiple transfer fees.

Take into account the weather

If you’re travelling to a country with a climate that’s different to what you’re used to, it could be worth taking this into account, especially if you’re 
planning an outdoor wedding. It could determine the type of dress you wear, how you do your hair and what you wear on your feet. For 
example, for a tropical beach wedding, you probably want a light dress that doesn’t trail on the floor and sandals, plus hairstyle that won’t blow in 
the wind. This might be completely different for a wedding in Lapland.

Decide how to transport your dress

If you’re taking your dress with you, you may have to pay extra luggage fees. That said, many airlines such as American Airlines may allow 
you to take it as hand luggage to prevent it getting crumpled. It’s worth contacting your airline beforehand to find out how they can safely handle 
your dress and whether you’ll need to pay extra for it.

Get the paperwork sorted in advance

Wedding paperwork can take months to sort out in some countries. It’s worth getting this all sorted long in advance – if it’s not all completed 
you wedding may not be legal and may be postponed. Make sure that you bring all the necessary documentation with you such as your 
passport, birth certificate, visa and any other paperwork. It could be beneficial to talk to a wedding professional from that country so that you 
know exactly what you need.

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