Countdown to 9-10-11: The Styling

23 days to go! I must admit that I’m getting nervous. And I’m not the nervous type. I guess that’s what happens when you’re so wrapped up with wedding preps and a lot of mixed emotions. You know how you get nightmares of being late when you have an early meeting? I am getting something like that in the bridal sense. I think they even have a term for that. We simply want everything to pan out well. But Marc told me not to worry because everything will turn out okay.

As of last week, I already had two fittings and didn’t want to take off my gown and go to the mall wearing it. I was THAT excited. Haha! Anyway, I’d like to share how we came up with our looks. Marc was really into it when we were discussing and I’m really proud of him for being super hands-on with our wedding.

Since we have a themed wedding, we simply looked into the elements present from the movie and started from there.

Bride & Groom

Because Darla is into ballet and Alfalfa always wears a cute bowtie, we decided to incorporate them in our look.

Screenshots from the movie Little rascals

Here are my pegs for the gown: tulle, tulle and more tulle!

me in my Sassa Jimenez gown with my sister who insists that she’s doing her “Pipa” duties

Marc will wear a suit with leather shoes for church and then sneakers for the reception. We’re still looking for his bowtie as of now!

I saw this from Daniel Hechter and loved the color and fabric BUT no one can figure out how to tie into a bow. DH ladies, major fail!

The Entourage

For the ladies: Ballerina Chic

Ballerina chic or ballet is a modern take on the ballet ensemble. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a tutu (although that would be awesome!), it can simply be a billowy and feminine skirt or dresses made of soft fabrics like illusion tulle, chiffon or even power knit.

The moms and MOHs had their dresses made by Mel Orlina I really love the soft silhouette and girly-ness of her gowns.

And here was my peg for the flower girls (pic on the left)

For the bridesmaids, since as far as I can remember, even way before I met Marc, way before the infinity dress became a fad and way before it became an entourage dress, I wanted them to be in those dresses. It was all because of this site: The

There is just so much you can do with these dresses!

Plus, my girls can choose to change looks from the church to reception! The bridesmaids’ dresses are in lilac with tulle while the secondary sponsors are in purple all made by designer Gretchen Pichay.

For the Men: Suit Up! Get your sneaks on!

Both venues will be air-conditioned so we figured we’d ask the men to suit up! But we didn’t want them to feel so stiff so we also asked them to get their sneaks on. What is it with men and sneakers?

The Bouquet and Flowers

My bouquet peg
I love fresh flowers. But I hate seeing them wilt. Marc always sends me bouquets of purple flowers and I try to keep them alive for as long as I can. Sometimes, I don’t even throw them out until their old and crunchy.

And because I wanted to keep my bridal bouquet for as long as I can, I decided to go for a non-floral bouquet.

For the reception I will use flowers made of Japanese paper that I can use as design elements in the condo. After all, little rascals make do with makeshift stuff in their clubhouse. So DIY is the way to go!

the first DIY party/ Factory girls

Speaking of DIY, we’ve had quite a lot of weekends where my girls slave away cutting, sewing, folding, etc. I love my sisters and all my girl friends for being oh so creative and helpful. I am so thankful! My sister’s friend even joined in because she was into arts and crafts and wanted to help make 250 paper flowers possible (we’re at 160 now!).

for our Little Rascals themed wedding
DIY was the way to go!

So that’s pretty much the tonality of our wedding style-wise. I hope you make yours as personalized and reflective of you and your fiancé’s personality 

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  1. It's soooo your style Myke! May God bless you more in life now that you're starting your very own family!

  2. Thank you Jacque!

    Every bride should have their "it's so me" moment, di ba? Hehehe! Thank you for supporting our blog ha.