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A Rebellious Bride is someone not afraid to stand-out. Be different, and break the norms! ;-)

Veejay Floresca on his definition of the Rebellious Bride

Photo by Dino Lara
Let me just start this feature by saying that this has got to be one of the most special Rebellious Bunch features we've written so far. Veejay is leaving but we've decided to pay a proper tribute for him. As we were writing this blog entry, we listened to his podcast guesting at w@w and it opened us to a whole new side of Veejay we never knew. And now that we do, we admire him even more--not that we are personally close to him or anything--but I've personally observed him from the sidelines--from the Project Runway Philippines Season Finale episode which I watched live on the runway, from my own friends who have worn a Veejay creation, to my wedding industry & agency friends who really personally know him, our circle seemed like it was bound to collide but we oddly never really met in person. I had easily anticipated that he might be the type who was 'too famous to reach'. But we've recently come to know him through our blog also --how several of our featured Rebellious Brides have donned Veejay Floresca creations as well, how the designer himself would surprisingly, personally take the time and effort to answer our emails and be happy when his works would get featured.

What makes Veejay stand out amongst the plethora of wedding gown designers? He is definitely not of the traditional kind. And even if he is asked to do a traditional gown, there's still always a twist. His works are impeccable, very textured, and full of character. Above all things, he embraces and celebrates non-traditional topak brides and encourages others to unleash their inner rebels. And for that we feel very connected with him. Apart from that he seems genuinely nice, positive, inspiring, and intelligent to boot!

As he bids us good-bye for now, here is a look at our most favorite rebellious Veejay creations. But it's not really good-bye. Veejay is off to study further and fulfill his dreams of making it to the International scene (which we know for sure he'll be able to make it)---but he is also leaving behind new ways to still wear a VF on your wedding day. More on that on his podcast. Listen to it--it's worth it :)

Photo by Dino Lara

Photo Paul Vincent
Photo by Frank Hoefsmit

Photo by Erron Campo
Photo James Limsoc

Photo by Jake Verzosa

Photo on the left by Jeff & Lisa

Photo by ImageNation
Photo by Jeff & Lisa

Photo by Pat Dy

Photo by Paul Vincent
Veejay can no longer accommodate entourage gowns but he definitely knows how to make entourage gowns look so000 much more!

Photo by Aaron Ebio
Photo by Cherryblocks

Veejay has done so many contemporary and modern bridal gowns already. What would I still hope to see? Definitely full-blown anti white gowns! And why not? Veejay definitely makes colored gowns look absolutely delicious! 

Thank you for sharing with us your talent Veejay! To listen to Veejay's w@w podcast CLICK HERE. Visit his blog HERE. Veejay still accepts bridal projects and soon, he'll have his own online bridal store! Watch out for that!

He's probably been given lots of labels already. So here in Rebellious Brides, we'll go for something that's probably new & fresh:

Rebellious Bunch Veejay Floresca -- The Rebellious Bride's BEST cheerleader designer -- because he'll never give up and he'll be your #1 supporter ;)

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  1. Good Job VJ! Galing:)

  2. Veejay made my gown too. I knew I made the right decision :) He's awesome!

  3. -via gmail-

    KAI AND MICA!!!!!!

    You made me cry!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Grabe, I cant thank you enough for that.


    God bless!!!!

    1. Hi Veejay,

      Super glad that you liked the feature :)

    2. -via gmail-

      I LOVE IT!!!