Save the Affair este Date Video

Riding on the success of TV shows like Temptation of Wife, Jeli & Ersus came up with an unusual Save-the-Date drama concept that insinuated on having an affair---an idea that other couples wouldn't probably dare to play around with.

Duda from ALT X Videos on Vimeo.

RB Jeli writes:

I just wanna share this simple yet feel good video of ours. It's not a very typical, sweet sweetan type and cheesy cheesy type video.

Ersus and I will be getting married this March 2, 2013. On our wedding day we'll be celebrating our 9 years and 11months anniv. Its almost a decade of friendship and love at the same time. As you can see in the video, we've acted as if no one is watching  :D It's really us. I hope you'll like it :)

This video is taken by Alt-x production. We won this on w@w auction.

Jeli and Erus are getting married this Saturday!!! Have fun you two! 

PS. DO NOT ATTEMPT to do your video in real life. Love each other and resist temptation! Haha :)

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