The Ultimate Run for Love

My, how time flies by so fast. Just last year, we cited Coach Rio's proposal video as a trend to watch out for in 2012 (Back track HERE). And here we are today, ogling his and Nicole's heart-stopping Mayad trailer & wedding video.

We don't personally know Coach Rio and Nicole (my mom does though--which is soooo weird!). But Coach being one of the country's 'pambansang' icons when it comes to all things running/marathons, we feel happy for him & his equally athletic 'n awesome wife as if we were one of the bystanders rooting for the lovers to finally finish the race.

Watch their rebellious, creative, and 'oh-so-logistically massive & impressive' teaser trailer:

Rio & Nicole Trailer from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Separately, Mayad (with the direction of Raphael Jamil Pranga) culminated the couple's running journey  through a thematic wedding video. What's so rebellious about their wedding besides Coach Rio's usual rebellious hair? Well, watch out how the couple exits the church and the bride's sizzling preps! We are also loving Nicole's rogue lips! Another sign that our fearless 2013 forecast is on the right track :)

Congratulations to one of the country's most inspiring, hottest couples! :)

Directed by Raphael Jamil Pranga / Coordinator: Christine Ong Te / Flowers & Styling: Teddy Manuel,/ Gown: Veluz / Photographer: Pat Dy / Videography: Mayad Studios

PS. We absolutely LOOOOVE Nicole's makeup. Unfortunately, we don't know who to credit for it. If anyone does, please do share the information at the comments page. 

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  1. Oh my goodness I love both videos!!! Loved every second of it. Great job, Mayad and congratulations to the couple.

    Thanks for sharing RB.

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  3. Oh my goodness i really like each videos!!! idolized each second of it. Great job, Mayad and congratulations to the couple. Thanks for sharing it.