M by Metrophoto (Part 1 of 2)

M by Metrophoto (interactive digital magazine) from Derek Yee on Vimeo.

Let me start this feature by saying that I have never actually met Oly of Metrophoto formally in person. The first time I was exposed to his actual work was when I attended the wedding of one of my hubb's best buddies. We were still just engaged at that time so it was "pre-rebellious brides days". But when we saw his onsite slideshow, we were so impressed to the point that I wanted to introduce myself during that wedding (I'm just dorky that way), but then---what would I say, really? Haha! So I didn't. What my husband and I did though, was whisper from afar and say "Ayan yata si Oly yung photographer--oo, parang nakita ko na siya sa ginawang video ni Jason. Galing niya ha! Bakit di natin na-consider when we were choosing photogs?!?" 

I have since observed his talent quietly. From my own FB newsfeeds I'd see other friends get tagged on his many creative marketing ideas for Metrophoto, and I'd think to myself, "Wow this guy really knows how to do his IMC! (Integrated Marketing Communications)". When we already had the blog, his former brides started submitting their wedding photos, then when we introduced "Random Rebellion", the first-ever feature of that was a Metrophoto work. Eventually the tipping point however was his first-ever Lesbian prenup, and at that moment I just really felt like a formal intro was too overdue already so I asked Jason M. to make the proper endorsement. The rest you could say is history because if you are a regular RB reader, you'd know that Metrophoto is a continuing highlight on the blog. We still haven't met personally haha. But let me just say, we soon will--in a big, big way *wink*. 

Metrofied 4 Life from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Just some of my favorite campaigns and innovations that he's done: 1) His green movement when he introduced the concept of the USB instead of DVD files, 2) Then there was "Metrofied 4 Life" where he chose two couples to tattoo his M logo on them to be his brand ambassadors for the rest of their lives, 3) Then he created the whole concept of the "Metrophoto Bride" and what sets them apart, 4) Then it was the subtle hashtags on his photos that would say #UnlikeAnyOther or #OnlyTheBest to the point that he's become the top-of-mind for these tags. 5) And here he is again, offering something that's never-been-done before with the M by Metrophoto App. 

This feature covers my personal admiration for Metrophoto, and an introduction to his new revolutionary, first-in-the-world foray into online magazines in replace of, or to complement the concept of the wedding album. But since we want our feature to be special and extensive, there's going to be a part 2 as written by RB Mica, this time on her own user experience with the app. 

But don't wait for our other feature before actually downloading the app of course! It is free, and so are the issues so go ahead and read through it by searching "M by Metrophoto" on your Apple App Store or on Google Play. You can also check out the mobile site HERE for more details :)

Let me just end this feature by saying that I will always be a Metrophoto Fan and I admire how Oly has since evolved his craft and service as his own. In a plethora of wedding photographers, you know that there's only a handful that leads the pack. And even in that pack, he has come to really set himself apart--not just through the name, not just through the work, but by revolutionizing the craft in the global scheme of things, and more importantly by making his couples feel oh so very special in a very eternally unique way. So congratulations to M by Metrophoto, Oly! And we can't wait to devour the photos and the words from each issue :)


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  1. Same here Kai, I'm a MetroPhoto Fan too, and I absolutely agree on what you've written. I hope to meet Oly too someday.

    Keep telling good stories...