Rebellious Bride Pat Wears Ivory & White

Photography by Nicolai Melicor

Whenever we get a chance to talk to real-life brides, we encounter rebellious ones who really don't want to spend that much on their gowns. Some are even bold enough to toy with the idea of just borrowing someone else's gown--and it's just that their fiancees or their parents are actually the ones who won't allow it in the fears of being judged as not having enough to provide for the bride. 

We've blogged about Ivory & White several times already but this is the first time that we'll probably be featuring a real-life bride who was rebellious enough to wear one. 

Rebellious Bride Pat is the perfect example that taste is quite relative. You can spend all your money on the most expensive couture gown but look gaudy if you don't have a certain level of taste VS someone like Pat who obviously has the eye for style that she doesn't need a pricey gown to prove it. The way she subtlety transformed the vibe of her gown with those pretty bouquet and wreath, and then you have that chunky Sapphire engagement ring and boom! There's no other word for it but 'cool'. 

Ivory & White shares: When two photographers get married, you can only expect a magazine-worthy celebration. Filterpan’s Pat and RJ had a beach wedding full of lovely details. The bride is the epitome of boho chic in a flowy chiffon dress.

This is just the beginning of many real-life Ivory & White bridal features so that we can help spread the love for tasteful off-the-rack bridal options :)

Congratulations and best wishes to Pat & RJ--and may her bridal look inspire you or help you in finding the perfect off-the-rack, super reasonably priced wedding gown of your dreams :)

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