Kim + Monie: A Wanderlust Prenup

Photography by Stefnaomi  

It's the last stretch of Summer, rebels. Did you #TravelColorfully? As we move towards another rainy season, let us end the sunny days with a final note: Travel some more, and it doesn't have to be during summer. I've been travelling for 22 years, ever since I was 11. I was fortunate enough to have parents who passed on the travel bug to me. My husband and I don't have much. But what we have, we use on travel adventures. I long for exotic adventures like Portugal, Iceland, and SriLanka--my friends laugh at me but I don't really know why. I'd rather die knowing I saw the world and the Philippines without any savings, than to die with money in the bank and not have lived at all. My advice to newlyweds is this: Spend 2 years as a married couple traveling and seeing the world before having kids (if you really must have kids--HA!). 

Speaking of travel, we got Monie's submission ages ago but we wanted to feature it appropriately--and today is that day. Monie and Kim had a rebellious travel prenup shoot. What made it rebellious? Because they didn't actually go anywhere at all haha! What they did was, they got a hotel room, and created a story line that made it appear that they were planning to travel. Isn't that clever? Check this out! 

Electrolychee's Pistang Pinoy Wedding (Teaser)

Finally, a TOPAK (irreverent + insane) wedding! I expected no less from these talented artists (Bru & Marcus make up Electrolychee. Check out their designs here: Electrolychee). 

I love their theme -- Pistang Pinoy (Filipino Fiesta). The details are oh-so rebellious. I don't know where to start. Oh wait, I do. A teaser! So let me just share with you this colorful wedding that is definitely for the books. 

Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!!!

Photos by Brendan Goco

Ginoong Marcus at Ginang Bru (Mr. & Mrs.)

Wedding Agency: Office Romance Brunch Wedding

Actual invite of the couple

TJ & Ralph were one of our most memorable couples because they were 'challenging'. Challenging in the sense that they pushed us to go out of our comfort zones. Doing this Wedding Agency service for 3 years, we realize that most clients hire us to conceptualize for their weddings but they still go for the more "tamed" ideas that we have, and that's perfectly fine! But having learned that from now, when we worked on TJ & Ralph's wedding ideas, we thought that just like some of our previous couples, they would want us to play on the safe side. But boy we were wrong. They candidly pointed out to us that they wanted more adventurous ideas. So RB Mica threw out a crazy idea to come out with an "Office Romance" theme--which celebrated the love story of the couple that they indeed fell in love in the office. It was a tricky idea because some couples are even shy to admit this. But long and behold this was the concept that the couple loved. And for that we truly admire how rebellious they are to celebrate this otherwise taboo concept. What's even more refreshing was how dead set the couple was to have a brunch wedding. So while we wait for the submission of their official photos, we'd love to share with you some of the boards we created for them from their walkthrough!

SIDENOTE: The wedding budget was to be less than P300k. And we met that budget based on this concept and our proposed suppliers! :)

Spice Up a Wedding at Chili's

I was the makeup artist for a wedding last March and after the ceremony, I went to Fernbrooks, the venue for the touch up and reception. I then asked the coordinator if the bride and groom were on their way. Not yet, she says. They're in Chili's. 


And right there and then, I knew I had to feature this couple who chose to down burgers, fries and margaritas right smack in the middle of their wedding.

I love how they had no care in the world. I bet people were gawking at them. But I also bet Erikka and Shannon had the time of their lives. This is how you do a pre-reception shoot, rebellious style!