Rebellious Bridal Showers

Photography by Metrophoto

In this fanciest collaboration shoot that we've ever done so far, there won't even be a wedding in sight. Because a wedding is not just about the wedding day and the prenup ideas per se, don't you agree? So in this 2-part editorial that we did with Metrophoto, Eskaya, and Powercom (Eskaya's marketing team where RB Mica and I are also part of), we'll show you a Bridal Shower and Honeymoon Concept perfect for the rebellious, luxe bride/newlywed.

Bridal showers these days are not just about the crazy, kinky, hot ideas anymore. There's nothing wrong with that if the bride is game. But what if the bride is totally uncomfortable with things like that? As the bridesmaids/maids-of-honor, don't force it. After all, bridal showers are all about the bonding. Marian Rivera recently had her bridal shower in Hong Kong Disneyland. I on the other hand, was treated to a "Bridal Shower Photo Shoot" at Sofitel by my MOH and closest friends. Sometimes, the friends get caught up with the sexy (and let's be honest, sometimes sleazy) kind of showers but it becomes what the friends want--not necessarily what the bride wants. So try to tailor fit the shower based on the bride's personality + the whole gang's personality. Heck, some brides these days even throw their own showers! And that's totally cool too!

So why not have a rebellious bridal shower luxe spa and vacay getaway? At Eskaya, butler services, private island tours, bonfire nights,  exclusive villas, and the most surreal spa services are just some of the things you and your BFFs can do together. And why not take it even a notch higher by hiring a photographer to immortalise this ultimate girl bonding experience?

To be quite honest, Eskaya is one of the most exclusive and expensive resorts in the Philippines (pretty much the same as Amanpulo but super totally worth it). But we have access to an amazing deal happening right now at Eskaya called "Match Your Night." So if you are a reader and would want to avail of this once-in-a-lifetime discount, email us at and we'd be happy to share this deal with you. 

UP NEXT: Rebellious Honeymooning


Photography by Metrophoto 
Oly Ruiz & Erron Ocampo

Styling by Miss Kayce Team
KC Leyco

Hair & Makeup by The Makeup of Mica
RB Mica (Makeup)
Hair (Grace Tuano)

Fine Jewelry by Cuenca Jewelry 

On Location at Eskaya Resort & Spa
Panglao Island, Bohol Philippines
IG: @eskayaresort
Email: cc

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  1. May we know where the bikini worn in the last look was from and if it is for sale?