Heroes and Rebels (Tats and Tanya Part 1)

This is a story of a boy with a guitar who loves a rebellious girl in Doc Martens. They had a common love for music and madness (and lots of vinyls!). They are inseparable. Then they decided to get married rock and roll style. Or they decided to rock and roll and get married. They had an epic wedding, of course. Mostly because they are epic themselves. You see, Tats and Tanya are madly in love. But not the cheesy kind that makes you squirm at times. Theirs is the love that has grit and longevity like a familiar hand that's always there to comfort you. Their love is like hugging a pillow after a long day and knowing you're home at last. 

Yes, that kind of love we love.

This is also a story of the girl with the 13luckymonkey engagement ring from almost two years ago. She hated the wedding planning but that didn't stop them from making their big day amazing. She even got another proposal two days before their wedding day. 
The boy with a guitar was making sure there was no escape! 

So they got married a day before Valentines and on the boy with a guitar's birthday. He's name is Tats and you guys should read his vows to his wife Tanya:

"I love you from the beginning till the end.
From when I open my eyes to when I search for your hand before we sleep.
I want nothing more than to wake up beside you and ignore alarm clocks.
I'll Ignore the world to just watch you breath.
I like holding your hand and thinking what they will feel like 10, 20, 30 years from now.
I can do this everyday and be happy forever. 
This wedding is epic and its beautiful and it’s such grand a bonus because I already love what we have.
Normal Vanilla stuff like walking to work, sharing sips of coffee and watching too much tv.
We may not be perfect but what we have is heaven.
I want you everyday.
Over and over and over that it aches.
And It’s you that I want.
Some say that’s called being crazy and it’s true. 
I have loved you to the point of madness. 
And trust me it’s the only way to love. 
Because once you love mad you’ll never be sad.
Right now, right here, where we, are is exactly where I want to be.
This for me is happiness. 
And I want to shout. 
And I want to punch the air but there’s a pastor beside us so I’ll settle for this wonderful feeling in my heart.
My heart is about to explode and not because of the cost of the wedding.
But because, right here, right now, in front of friends and family I declare that I love you above all.
Whatever I hold dear. You will always be a part of that.
I’m going to love you until it pours out of my ears, until it bleeds out of my ears, until my skin trembles and only as much as you’ll allow it.
After all, my plan is really simple.
I will hold your hand until we’re dust.
After all, I love you from the beginning till the end."

This is their wedding video. Tanya was in a Jeep Rubicon during her wedding entrance. She was not riding at the back, she was driving it like a true bad ass bride! That alone should make you want to watch this video! No clickbait needed!

TANYA & TATS / SAME DAY EDIT from I Thee Wed on Vimeo.
Tanya: This cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” was created specifically for this moment. Tats and I gave the directions and produced it. Jasper Perez and the Soundesign Manila - Audio Production House crew (props to Pope Paredes & Moks, too) made it happen. AND IT IS AWESOME!
Thanks Moira Dela Torre for indulging our fantasies too. smile emotic


While we patiently wait for the official wedding photos, we'd like to share their equally rebellious prenup shoot. It was all about being themselves and just hanging around places they liked, no fancy shmancy stuff. We specially liked how instead of traipsing about in some picturesque location, they decided to show the rawness of places like Bangkal St. in Makati, Philippines. It's hipster feels mixed with an indie movie film 
(more on the grit and minus the sex scenes).

Starring Tanya and Tats.

Go grab your coffee, your smokes, play some music and just hang around with these two lunatics. They're a fun bunch and they mixed very well with the equally mad boys of 
Mango Red. 

Enjoy, Rebels!

Tanya: I'm still on a high over last saturday's shenanigans. 
To everyone who shared that moment with us.
Who witnessed the insanity,
That moment proved that you can love hard and party harder. 
To you guys who told us that we've ruined weddings forever and who said we inspired them to fall in love and even want to get married again. 
To our ninongs and ninangs, our Pastor and his lovely wife, whom we look up to so much, who didn't judge the choices that we made and actually stayed on to witness us go crazy. And i heard from my mom and dad, naloka daw kayo, ha! 
To our friends who couldn't go but sent their love. (You missed a hell of a show, BTW!)
To our parents, who raised us to be the silly ducks that we are. And they didn’t have any idea what we were up to. 
To my husband Tats (NAKS!) who allowed me to run around and be free, to feel that being married doesn't mean that I will be cast in ball and chain. 
To God who makes all things possible. 
Thank you couldn't cut how we feel.

More than the event,

The love we felt, we will never forget. 

And in that moment, we were infinite. 
Wedding Coordination & Emotional Support: Erika So Bergara & Detalye Weddings and Events
Photography: MangoRED Studios
Videography/SDE: I Thee Wed
Catering and Styling Collab: k. by cunanan catering
HMUP: The Makeup of Mica 
Prep Venue: Balai Taal
Ceremony, Cocktails & Reception: Angelfields
Wedding Dress: Sassa Jimenez
Groom's Outfit & Entourage: Defacto Industry
Wedding & Engagement Rings: 13LuckyMonkey
Bouquets & Buttoneires: Jacqs Floral Design Studio
Naked Wedding Cake: Goldilocks from the Lalas Cherry Caluya
Invitation Design & Other Design Paraphernalia: Cj de Silva-Ong
Vinyl Record Art & Other Design Paraphernalia: Gissele Bautista & Celine Arguelles Angue
Invitation Printing: Butch & Aileen
Live Music: Jona & Eboy
Hosts: Michael Vincent S. Libot & Greg Morales
Spiritual advisers: Rev. Pastor Gus & Gorjus Sally Bermont Lising 

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