Bride Idea: MangoRandall X Burma

Photography by MangoRandall of MangoRed

Let's quiet down for a moment and think of non-wedding stuff for a second, shall we? It's been awhile since we last did a "Bride Idea for Today" post but it's always calming and creatively thrilling to do so. Here in Rebellious Brides, we always encourage our readers to look beyond the obvious wedding inspirations. And if you have been a regular reader for ages, you'd be familiar with non-wedding stuff we've featured before like the full-year Kate Spade mood boards we did in 2012,  The Moca Museum, The Little Folk, and the Cornetto Cupidity Campaign to name a few. 

It's kinda like the inspiration/creative challenge they used to always do at Project Runway--remember that? When they'd ask contestants to go around NY, take photos of what inspires them, then the designers end up translating it into their own creation. RB Mica and I did that too when we were still doing our wedding preps--most of our inspirations came from non-wedding references. Even for this blog--we actually don't monitor what other wedding sites and wedding magazines are doing. Once in a while we'd check Green Wedding Shoes, but that's just about it.  Try to look at the world around you, the less obvious, the better. So we challenge you to resist the urge to look at wedding stuff for a second (yes, even our blog if you must!), and just go out there and FEEL other types of inspirations come to you. That's how you become creative. That's how you become original, and that's how you find your own person...your own "brand equity."

And to start off that kind of creative vibe, here's a look at uber rebel MangoRandall's travel photos from Burma. Same Mango kick-ass photos, but no bride and groom in sight. His photos are oozing with so much inspirations and for some reason it's making my twisted brain imagine an exotic and romantic wedding theme! Enjoy :)

We promise to blog more of our Bride Ideas for 2014. Share with us your own non-wedding inspirations too! :)

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