The Prenup Parody by Jason Magbanua

Only 'the' Jason Magbanua can make a parody like this and get away with it. 

<Film by Jason Magbanua>

I've never laughed this hard.
Thank you for this Jason.
And thank you Mae and Jarred--this wouldn't have been possible if Jason didn't have a rebelliously game couple like you guys.

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  1. The Dawn Zulueta!!!


    Only THE Jason Magbanua.. I will always, ALWAYS be a fan..

    Love, Didi

  2. This is absolutely adorable. Does anyone know what song they used for the soundtrack?

  3. Hello Sweetheart by Karen Ro

  4. I know jason is great but im doubtful that the idea is his. This may be the couple's idea afterall and so they should be getting all the praises for this.

  5. The groom is actually my officemate. He doesn't have any idea that Jason Magbanua was the one doing the pre-nuo because the bride was the one who planned everything.

  6. Yeah but I'm sure Jason had a hand with the concept just as he normally does with his other couples.