Maleficent - Once Upon a Rebel

Hello there! The Maleficent shoot is going viral and with the "virality" comes the bashers ---which we don't mind. Bring it on! We weren't called "Rebellious Brides" if we couldn't take the heat. 

And we are getting sooooo many features around the world--which we are so thankful for! But you are new here and you probably don't "get" us. And we're okay if you want to feature our shoot, but maybe you need to know a lot of info about the shoot so that your readers don't get misinformed. 

So just a few trivia about this shoot:

1. IT'S NOT A REAL chill...relax. If this were a real wedding, it would probably not have the horns, the wings, and the staff. 

2. In our concept shoot, Maleficent actually ends up with her sidekick in the movie--Diaval the crow. She obviously doesn't end up with the king.

3. The three couples in the shoot are REAL husbands and wives. The kids here are their real children. The kids loved the shoot--it was one of the reasons why we did the shoot was for their own amusement.

4. All the couples here are very much in love, and have been married for awhile--so for those who are widely speculating that the groom is unhappy and that they would probably end up annulled/divorced--that is unlikely to happen and that's very mean of you to say. 

5. We chose Maleficent because at the end of the day the story is about LOVE. And the theme was for "Rebellious Brides" NOT for the Classic, Traditional bride. 

As quoted from the Maleficent movie, and as scribbled in our faux wedding invitation, "Let us tell an old story anew. Where we are not afraid and love will find a way." This shoot was meant to show love from a different angle. You don't have to agree with it, but it is love. The shoot was made with love. 



"Children have always been told she's pure evil. And she is evil, but it's not all she is, and it's not fair that her story was left there. For kids, it will be like unwrapping a mystery, unwrapping a present, finding out what was really going on. It's a fun discovery" 
-- Angelina Jolie on Maleficent 

Grace & Mark in Black & White

RB Mica and I have a pet peeve. Our pet peeve is when we see a rebellious prenup photo set that celebrates the rebelliousness of a couple--but then their wedding is as serious as it can get. We feel sad because to us, it means that the couple felt like they could only play and have fun during their engagement but come wedding day, they'd have to succumb to being traditional. That's why we love seeing couples who are brave enough to follow through with their rebellious streak, all the way to the wedding.

Welcome to the Wicked World of Rebellious Brides

Hello rebels--old and new! Have you noticed anything new lately? *wink* *wink* 

The blog just had a face lift!!!! Hooray! A bit long overdue, don't you agree? 

Prenup Idea from DongYan

Rivermaya just released the music video of their new song "Tayo Lang Dalawa" -- and it features the soon-to-be-married King & Queen, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. The video is like a prenup video! In fact, it was styled by no other than Miss Kayce Team/KC Leyco who styles most of our editorial shoots and is one of the most sought after prenup stylists today. Watch the video below!

The Giving Rings

 Oh these pretty little things! They reminded me so much of this jewel-toned wedding: Sparkling Prom Wedding  If they only existed then, it would have been great for the whole entourage to wear. These would definitely make for great bridesmaids' gifts or stack them up (Yes, they are awesome stackable rings!) to make for one rebellious engagement ring!

But more than just being pretty little things, a portion of the profit goes to an organization that helps preschool children. Read on to know more about these rings from celebrity blogger Patty Laurel (this is her passion project for a cause, by the way).

The Rebellious Couple - Mr. & Mrs. Clooney

My, oh my. Where to begin?!?! Two Italian wedding ceremonies, multiple bridal looks, and the likes of Anna Wintour and Bill Murray at the wedding party. This was one rebellious wedding and couple for sure. (Main photo credit: Photo by AFP Images)