All-White Mardi Gras

There's something about Poveda's graduating batch of 2014 that makes you feel like you can expect great, rebellious things from the girls (and perhaps their parents? *wink*). After all, if their prom last year and their ball this year are any indication, then this batch is definitely on to exciting times ahead.

We once presented a mardi gras wedding concept to a client. Alas, the couple didn't pick that concept. So when we found out about Poveda's grad ball theme, we felt quite giddy about it. Gideon Hermosa, Jason Magbanua, Oly Ruiz, Madge Lejano...and for the best dressed, you have Veluz and what more can you expect? I can't wait to see the video.

2-time best dressed winner, Janna Lejano

Photo Credit: @julesbautista

Congratulations, ladies! We can't wait to see what you'll come up with for your debuts and weddings! And have a blast at college--for this is just the beginning ;)

More photos from #PovedaWMG2014: 

Wedding Agency: A 50s Chic Prenup

Imagine America in the 50s with the perfect wife and the dapper husband. Bonsai and JP stepped into a realm that mimicked the olden days of impeccably designed homes. An era where looking good and dressing up every day were a staple. 

As Bonsai works in an advertising agency, we came up with vintage ads as inspiration for their engagement session. Of course, their personalities still shone through during the shoot, making their photos truly unique to them.

StyleStrong: Deisgner Gowns for a Cause

  • We are posting this in behalf of the organizers of StyleStrong. You may just find your designer, rebellious gown here. Imagine, bringing home a gown originally priced at Php 35,000 for only Php 3,500! At the same time, you get to help someone in need. We've posted some of the gowns up for auction.

Here are the details:

RTW and Gorgeous

Veluz RTW 2014 Collection 
from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

When a rebel bride dare say that she is toying with the idea of RTW, you could almost taste the uncomfortable silences, the judgmental eyes, the clearing of the throat, and the wrinkled nose. There's a stigma. And it's become the white elephant in the room. What more when you say RTW+taffeta. Oh the horror. 

Enter Veluz. She's always changed the game and she's at it again. There's a reason why she's landed on the now famous Buzz Feed article on the world's most beautiful detailed gowns list. She doesn't just make beautiful gowns. Her signature in every piece is impeccable and apparent. Rebellious in the ORIGINAL, as we said earlier this week. You know her trademark and you know she's got taste. In this 2014 RTW collection, she makes the word RTW something you would want to COVET. And that's saying something. And she's also done the unthinkable. She's made taffeta, gorgeously pretty again. It's the biggest comeback ever. On a more personal note, I was NEVER, EVER a fan of white bridal gowns and every RB reader knows that. But Veluz is probably the only designer that makes me want to wear white. And again, that's saying something ;)

BTS photos courtesy of Nina Cuenca

But having had a first-hand experience of what went on during the latter part of the shoot, what's even more admirable about Veluz is how she could get an amazing pool of artists to collaborate with her with such love, passion, and positivity. It's a testament to not only how she is as a designer, but how she is as a person. Having said that, I'd like to applaud the creative team behind the shoot--most especially to Madge Lejano who was the brainchild of the bridal looks and creative treatments. Everything felt so rebelliously beautiful. Chandeliers hanging on trees, the most unconventional of models, the AHMAZING hair and makeup that is definitely not your usual bridal looks. And the video. So many emotions! 

Congrats to Veluz and the rest of the amazing team that worked on the RTW 2014 Collection Launch. Truly world class! 

This is only the beginning of the launch. Don't forget to add @veluzbride on Instagram to get updated on the catalogue and creative photos from the entire collection. 

Credits as written by Veluz herself:

Swept Away

With our own Palawan plans cancelled, and not to mention being stuck in Manila with loads of work to do, one can only dream to escape and be swept away. What makes me feel even more worse than I already am, is the fact that this is the only year in the last 10 consecutive years that I have no Boracay trip scheduled.  So thank you for this beautiful set, Oly. At least we can have this in the blog. To dream of days like Marki and Gun's breathtaking engagement session. 

Oly writes in his blog:

Here Comes The Sun

Jervy Santiago for Visionary Photography Hub
Can't believe that it's summer already! And what better way to welcome the sunny season by featuring beautiful engagement sessions from all around the country! Take for example JR & Shiela's prenup shoot in the beautiful Bolinao. Be prepared to be amazed, folks. Sounds cheesy but when we see a set like this, it really does make you say that #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines indeed. 

Mike Lavarez of Visionary Photography Hub shares:

Young Pangasinenses Shiela & JR is a nature-loving couple who likes to keep things candid & laid-back. Our destination shoot with them at Bolinao was truly unforgettable as they took us to places with panoramic views & cultural scenery. We took advantage of the low-tide by shooting them against the vast shoreline in an all-white ensemble. Next up was at the mystifying underground “Enchanted” Cave & at the Cape Bolinao lighthouse where we capped off the day with a beautiful sunset shoot. One cannot simply leave Bolinao without visiting the rock formations of Patar; we wrapped up the shoot the following the day by doing a layout at this magnificent natural monument fronting the South China Sea.