Centerpiece Giveaways by Jacqs Floral Design Studio

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I looooooove flowers! I love flowers so much that I didn't have flowers for our Boracay wedding except for the bouquets--sounds contradicting, right? That's because my reasoning at that time was that I couldn't bare the thought of flowers being thrown away, wilting after the wedding. To me, it was like burning cash. 

That's why when I learned of Jacqs Floral Design Studio's new concept which Jacq calls her "signature centerpieces", I was totally impressed by it. Jacq says that she conceptualized her arrangements to be "pretty and practical". 

Electrolychee's Brucus Modern Fiesta Wedding

Shenanigans! That was the first word that came to mind when I saw this mischievous wedding (my second thought was, "What great sorcery is this?!"). They got away with so much irreverence and created their own wedding traditions that their them-ness  shone through out the wedding. The whole celebration was neatly tied together (like walis tingting) under one theme and nothing was half-assed as seen in the details. Nothing felt too fancy and pretentious. It was what a fiesta should be - fun and crazy! Fiesta kung fiesta! I died laughing when I read on their invite that the dress code was called Magsasaka Chic (farmer chic). 

Actually, nothing felt like your usual wedding. They didn't even get the usual wedding suppliers AND they never set foot in a wedding fair ever, didn't even buy one wedding magazine and got much inspiration from the Manila Fame furnishings expo and craft sites instead.

Then I asked Bride Bru about which parts of their wedding she considered rebellious and I loved her answer: Everything, hehe. Our parents let us be, I think they're just happy we're finally getting hitched. 

And this, RB readers, is what can happen when your dear parents let you do what you want on your wedding day. HOORAY! Oh, I bet you guys are going to love every drop  of rebellion oozing from this wedding!

Here's more from the bride Bru:

Reyssie & JR's Beer Fest Wedding

"One Love, One Heart, One Beer." 
-- Bob Marley

Photography by Toto Villaruel

If you find a woman who is rebelliously game enough to have a wedding that revolved around beer, then buddy, you definitely got yourself a keeper. And that's what Rebellious Bride Reyssie is. 

Of Lace, Flowers, and Cupcakes

Photography by Louie Arcilla Life+Style 

When you think of the Rebellious Brides, what comes to your mind? Some think it's rock, goth, black, tattoos and whatnot. That's totally not it, though. I for one do get irked when we get compared with Rock 'n Roll Brides. That's totally missing the point. I don't even read that blog.

People who know me personally would most likely describe me as very Kate Spade, colourful, loves cupcakes, all things organic & eco-living, and Harry Potter. RB Mica on the other hand basically loves anything purple haha. Rebelliousness is a state of mind, not a state of your style or preference. And it's not even about what's "in" or not in the wedding scene.

Take for example cupcakes. Some people say that this is already not "uso" in weddings. Is it really about being "uso?" What if just like me, the bride was just simply into cupcakes?!? I am rambling, I know. Haha!

When I saw this editorial feature, I knew I had to have this on the blog. I am totally in love with the anti-white pink and lacey bridal gown! I love the cupcakes and I wanna feature it to make a statement that cupcakes never grow old and whoever said that it's no longer "uso" are weird, and oh how I love the flowers! How rebellious is it to celebrate gerbera for a change? Oh I could go on and on...

Rebellious Bride Mabeth is now a Rebellious Mama!

Photography by Jamie Espadilla 
Gown by Hindy Weber Tantoco

We are sooooo proud of how far our  Wedding Agency clients' Mabeth and Karym have come. One of the things that we aim to do when we work with our clients is to unleash their inner creativity and inner rebelliousness even after we're done working with them. That they may be able to pick up on the basic thought processes that we live by so that they may be able to apply it later on.

Mabeth and Karym's "By The Sea Wedding" is one of the most celebrated Boracay weddings of 2012. It's been featured all-over the web, and it has impacted the ideas of other beach brides thereafter.

Check out how Rebellious Mama Mabeth created a beautiful maternity shoot out of their old wedding theme and how they've continued on with the sands and seas as they welcomed Baby Kalila in their lives.

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Albert Andrada's Couleurs Royale Dress Collection

Photography by Ritchie Tongo / Source: Yahoo! Philippines

Meet Albert Andrada, designer extraordinaire who first made waves abroad and is now in Manila with a vengeance. According to Yahoo! Philippines, he closed the fashion show during The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014 and showcased a collection filled with royal-worthy pieces.

Here are some of my faves that I think are fit for a Rebellious Queen such as yourselves ;)

Rebellious Bride Jo's Style

Photography by Pat Dy

It's been awhile since we last featured a rebel bride and just zeroed in on her wedding style. It's a rare feature and not something that we just easily celebrate. So we are delighted to find a stylish rebel bride in Jo. 

From Jo's prenup to her wedding, she exuded a style that's both spunky and romantic. Sure, she had an amazing team that worked with her but from how she shared with us her creative process, it was clear that she had a voice, an input, and a collaborative spirit.

As Jo explained to us, fashion and travel were two of her favorite loves which clearly resonated all throughout her engagement and marriage to Feli.

The bride's write-up is an interesting read. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian is a Rebellious Bride!

Photos from E! Online

Now don't get me wrong. I am not a fan...haven't event watched a single episode of their TV show. But I reckon, if Anna Wintour put her on Vogue, who am I not to put her on the blog? Hahahaha! But seriously though, I love the vibe of the #KimyeWedding and I do love her style. She seems to be evolving and that's remarkable!

The wedding, while lavishly $2M++ seemed quite personal and had just the right hint of irreverence based on all the instagram and photobooth photos circulating around.

So yes, all hail to Kim and yes, she makes one hell of a Rebellious Bride!

Here are some of my fave photos from the wedding!

Issa & KC's Stylish, School-Themed, Intimate Wedding

"Our wedding was a simple and intimate affair graced and blessed by the people who genuinely love us. Because of the short guest list, I never posted anything on social media sites about the wedding and when people found out, they were floored." -- Rebellious Bride Issa