Hello December!

Found another use for my ETC/Vatel cockade bouquet. See this is why non-floral bouquets rock :)

Christmas Ornaments from Dapitan & S&R, fresh Christmas Tree from S&R.

Hello December! :)


Sarah & Cayo - The Dreamers' Wedding

Photography by Nelwin Uy
"For me a Rebellious Bride is an anti-template bride.  Just because things are always done a certain way, doesn't mean that you have to do it exactly the same way.  Your wedding has to be unique, not just for the sake of, but unique because it's the two of you.  As the saying goes, "something old and something new"--that's a good place to start.  Take something that's old --- like cake cutting and combine, add or turn it into something new. Make it yours!" 
-- Rebellious Bride Sarah Ko-General

Do you guys remember one of my most favorite prenup videos about the two dreamers? Well, this time we are featuring their wedding which is of the same theme.

"Because our theme was conceptual (dreams), it was difficult to execute. If it was something like carnival or movies, then it would have been easier to come up with designs, layouts, etc.  So we had to figure out tangible elements that would tie it back to our concept --- an invite inspired by dream catchers and stars, styling inspired by clouds, daydreaming tents, and so on.  It was a lot harder to plan because nothing was cut-and-paste.  But in the end, it was all worth it.  Love is in the details." -- Sarah

We hope that their story will inspire you to dream and fulfill your very own anti-template weddings Oh and watch out for the siomai booth outside the church! Love the little doodle on the booth--how rebellious! :)

Here are some of the bride's favorite rebellious ideas from their wedding:

Sarah: An interactive invite with a dream catcher logo-–-take the swatch of fabric and write down a wish for us.  Then we collect the “mini kumots” and stitch them together into a patchwork quilt.  What better way to keep our dreams sweet?  

Sarah: Wore red, red, red Stella Luna heels while walking down the aisle, and sparkly Zara party flats for the reception.  I got my dream dress from Rosa Clara. 

Sarah: For the boys we gave them teal bow ties and button boutonnieres. For my girls we gave them  personalized parasols (hand-painted by former-partner-now-ninong Lito Gemora) and cute little accessories from Bangkok

Sarah: For his boutonniere, Cayo wore a mini replica of his surfboard

Sarah: I wanted to do something a little bit more special for the misalette.  Got some glassine bags and filled them with confetti.  My bridesmaids helped me punch out the confetti hearts.

Sarah: We also prepared a siomai/fishball/squidball stand outside the church!

Sarah: We fashioned “kissing bells” for seat cards and gave away slippers for “dancing shoes”. Guests were welcomed with “Partying/Recovering” door hangers

Sarah: In line with our theme of dreams, we also created “dreaming tents”.  Inside, you could make your own souvenir --- your very own dream catcher, doodle in dream journals, or gobble up some marshmallows.  We also hid some small toys under the pillows as giveaways.

Sarah: Tables should be playful, interactive and fun!  Tables were “dream-themed”.  You could be seated in the pajama table, milk and cookies, lemongrass, back rub, etc.  Japs Perez, my former visualizer helped us paint tablecloths with our dream catcher logo.  To bring out their playful spirit, we gave out sparklers, and had dreamy little details strewn on top of the tables. Guests were encouraged to interact through dreamlibs and a group photo scavenger hunt (art: Kat Encanto, copy: EJ Galang)

Sarah: Instead of the usual cake cutting ceremony, we wanted to do a locking ceremony instead.  Cayo and I wrote our names on a padlock and attached them onto a “dream cloud”.  Guests were asked to add their own love locks onto the cloud.

"Don't be afraid to go for your dream wedding.  Ideas (and helpful friends) are everywhere.  You just have to ask.  And feed them after. :)"- Sarah

Congratulations to Sarah & Cayo. We are truly inspired and in awe of your creative ideas! And to inspire everyone further, here again is Sarah & Cayo's DIY prenup video. Think big, dream big!

Credits as written by the bride:

Passion Cooks Does Carnival

Photos lifted from Passion Cooks' Facebook Page
RB Mica always says that when looking for wedding ideas, she actually prefers looking at children's parties because they are just more imaginative and carefree. Today's feature is just that--a carnival theme for the young at heart :)

Passion Cooks shares from their Facebook Page: 
"Jimar and Susie opted for a whimsical theme: Carnival! :) Enjoy the photos, everyone! :)"

A Sparkling Prom Wedding (Part 1)

Kai and I came up with the Wedding Agency so that soon-to-marry couples can streamline their wedding concept and  have  a "brand bible" that keeps all the suppliers in tune with their vision. We're happy to share some of the final products from our rebellious clients: Gem & Jay-R.

Photo Booth by Barely Toast


Gem and Jay-r wanted their wedding to be reflective of their fun and relaxed personalities. They really weren't the type to take things too seriously. As a result, the theme fit them well as they were the epitome of a super sweet & quirky couple headed for prom just to drink, dance and be merry :)


Photo by WeDoItForLove
Bride's look by The Makeup of Mica

Gem, being the rebellious bride that she is, opted for a ready-made gown. Something with a flattering silhouette but comfortable enough for some dancing. She finally found this off-white & silver trumpet-style gown in Mitzi Quilendrino-Bustos' Mitzi Q Bridal Pret-a-Porter...perfect for prom night! Then her mom added more sparkle by sewing jewels on her sleeve.


In their invite, Gem & Jay-r asked their friends this: Will you go to prom with us? As a result, their entourage & guests came in jewel-toned ensembles and sparkly details.
Gowns by Gretchen Pichay

More of their wedding details here:

The "Un-Weddingy" Boracay Wedding

"...to avoid disappointment or stress
we chose to follow the flow."
Rebellious Bride Pauline Reitzer

This is by far one of the most beautiful, most moving weddings I have ever seen since RB's existence. And the wedding video, didn't even feel like a wedding video 'till like the third minute of the video. Kudos to Dreamscape Asia Productions. I have NEVER seen a wedding video such as this. And for that, we thank you for giving us something so new! 

I've been asked by a few friends on whether I'm going to blog about a certain celebrity's wedding this week. But such weddings have enough airtime already. I choose to tell you this love story instead. 

I have always had a soft spot for Boracay weddings. But I am BEYOND JEALOUS because our featured couple actually MOVED TO BORACAY. Oh what a wonderful life they must have! Pauline & Roldan's wedding is obviously rebellious. But it's also so very organic and so loving. So unpretentious. So real. I'm so moved. Thank you Pauline, for sending this our way. You have touched us so much, just by sharing a piece of your wonderful, heart-thumping wedding. 

Roldan & Pauline SDE from Dreamscape Asia Productions on Vimeo.

Kai & Mica

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A Sparklin' Prom Wedding (Teaser)

What a night! It was a wedding full of fun (and funny) elements, color, glitter & glamor. The photos by We Do It For Love were amazing! And I can't wait to share their SDE by Lambert Pangilinan :) 
More details soon! 
Congrats & Best Wishes Jay-R & Gem!!!
Photo booth by Barely Toast
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Bride Ideas - International Edition

Photo from Foot Traffic
Here in Rebellious Brides, we recognize that we have readers from outside of the Philippines (and we are truly, absolutely THANKFUL for that). And with that being said, we felt that we had to create a version of our Bride Ideas that are especially more appropriate for Rebellious Brides around the globe. Here goes!

The Wedding Agency: My Sister's Wedding

In a few days (4 to be exact), my baby sister will get married. Again! This time in the same chapel where both her elder sisters got married. And because the Wedding Agency existed during her preparations, she and her fiancé Jay-r naturally became our clients (no bride bullying, I swear!).

We came up with a Sparklin' Prom Night Wedding. It's a mix of prom and jewel-toned/sparkly elements. They chose this because my sister has never been to a prom and, second, her name is GEM, 
a precious stone. 

Here's a teaser of things to come this Friday. I've never been to a prom as well so I am just as excited! Also, Rebellious Bunch WeDoItForLove will document everything. So it is going to be amazing :D

Emil & Marielle's Metrofied Wedding

Photography by Metrophoto
A couple of months ago, we featured Metrophoto's winning couple for their Metrofied 4 Life campaign (CLICK HERE TO BACKTRACK). Now, Emil & Marielle have finally tied the knot and we absolutely love their gorgeous wedding! 

From the rebellious bride's anti-white gown, to their mighty metrofied tattoos, to their one-of-a-kind balloons in the most wonderful color palette, to their uber stylish entourage, down to their oh-so-red-as-strawberry couple's booth, everything was just absolutely perfect. Here's how Oly Ruiz recounts the entire experience:

"Easily one of the most anticipated weddings of the year for Metrophoto, Emil and Marielle are not just a Metrophoto couple but literal brand ambassadors as they carry the tattoos on their forearms. Their personalities and the story of their love for each other are what made them stand out from the other couples who joined the contest..."
 "It might sound odd but being in their wedding and covering it is like shooting my own children’s wedding and it was a very proud moment for all of us. It is not usual for someone to do something like this, in fact it has never happened before. There are always things that people will do for love and for the desire of something, and not everyone will understand it, but the most important things is that, these things that greatly inspire us also allow us to create something special and something beautiful that we will treasure all our lives – a true spirit of being part of Metrophoto."

Rebellious Revenge/Grayson Wedding

Here's a treat for all you Revenge fans out there. The other day, the queen of the Hamptons Victoria Grayson renewed her vows in a gray Vera Wang gown. Her style was as always, fabulous as she adorned herself with pearls upon pearls around her neck and both of her wrists. 

http://dresssafari.com/ and http://news.instyle.com/


Victoria sure loves her parties and her invitations! Last season she had a red box invitation for Emily & Daniel's  Fire & Ice engagement party and now for her wedding she opted for the same box but this time in a chic robin's egg shade. 

Boxed invitations are wonderful! Here are other ideas that we've found over the web: 
L-R: The Grayson's Wedding Invitation / White Box Invitation by http://www.bidorbuy.co.za/ / Laduree Mint Box lifted from http://www.weddingbee.com/ / Robin's Egg Envelop Box by http://invitationsbyajalon.com/

During the wedding, my eyes immediately zeroed in on the bouquet! Victoria Grayson is one rebellious bride! She topped off her gray pearls and Vera Wang with a unique black calla lily bouquet.

L-R: Victoria Grayson carrying a black calla lily bouquet / Black calla lily bouquet in ruffled ribbon bejeweled wrap, with tutorial by http://inthenowweddings.com/

And while we are already on the subject of Revenge, here are more style inspirations from the show that are wedding-worthy!