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Would You Buy A Recycled Gown?

Would you buy this gorgeous Vera Wang gown for $950 (P39,000)? The catch is, it's USED.
Had I known of this service before, then yes. Maybe I would consider buying a recycled gown. I'd buy one and get to know the previous owner. I'll try to find out about her own wedding and ask for a photo. I'd create a blog about it and call it, the sisterhood of the traveling bridal gown haha. Mica and I were so attracted to this US-based business idea called the "Recycled Bride" website so much that we even thought of creating a local version of it. But alas, based on our research, Pinay brides are not willing to give up their gowns--even if it meant it will eventually turn moldy.

Here are some of the gems I found over at Recycled Bride. And I am curious to know...are you rebellious (and practical) enough to buy a fabulous recycled bridal couture gown?

This Monique Lhuillier Geisha Gown runs in a Size 10 for $500. It is owned by a bride from Atlanta and she bought her gown for $2,800 at the Monique Lhuiller Chicago boutique. She's selling her gown because she needs the cash asap.

The bride is selling her classic cathedral Vera Wang gown made of 100 yards of tulle for only $600. The catch? She's a size 0.

The bride is selling her Monique Lhuillier Size 8 Jacqueline gown for $800. The bride asserts that her gown is in mint condition and she only wore it once during her wedding day last May. The best part is? It's a two-piece gown so you can wear the gorgeous blouse separately.
This Vera Wang gown is Size 6 and runs for $500. Apart from the fact that it is used, it is sold by a store in New York. The catch is, you can't buy it online. You have to visit their store.

The Colorful Mango Red

MANGO RED ALERT! This just in! 
Paula & Charlie's Quirky, Geeky World.

I just got a chat message from the ultimate rebellious bunch: Mango Red and their latest work. It's so them yet so refreshingly new. Great job, Mango Boys!


Apologies for going rogue on the blog this week dears. Work has been toxic. And considering that I always find magical time to blog despite my daily busy schedule, neglecting the blog just means work has gone to full 700% crazy. 

But despite the lag this week, it seems as though I'm just in time to report that this week has been all about the pink! And boy do we love it! 

First on our list is Mrs. Timerlake's oh-so rebelliously pretty pink Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown. Yahoo made a poll out of Jessica's gown and so far, 63% are saying that they are fans of pink bridal gowns because it is something different! All hail to the rebellion!

Coincidentally, my very first instinct after being wedding-free for the past few days was to visit Mangored's blog--and hey I was just right on the mark because their latest set features Rebellious Bride Ella who is donning a Vera Wang pink bridal gown! The gown was also wittingly combined with matching pink footwear not by the bridesmaids but the GROOMS MEN. How cute is that!

View the complete set:

Here are more pink bridal gown pegs that are definitely not of the debutante kind:

Gown Hindy Weber Tantoco
Gowns by Oscar De La Renta

Rebellious Bunch: Rabbit Hole Creatives

Sometimes I wake up in a dreamy haze and see this little bunny in a man's suit in a hurry to go somewhere. Then I realize I am still dreaming. I am Alice. And that rabbit is about to lead me to a deep, dark hole that leads to a different kind of wonderland. One that has more grit than just whimsy. One that my mind cannot comprehend but my eyes can truly envelope and explore. 

These are the stirring emotions that led me to believe that Rabbit Hole Creatives, a group of stylists, are not merely about fashion & flimsy. 
They are deeper than the hole they dug. They are artists.

Not everyone will be ready for them. Some even cannot appreciate such revelry. Too weird, some would say. But to choose artists like these means to choose to be free AND carefree.  To not be bound by what other people say, to be free from the ordinary and to be part of a different kind of rebellion.

 Are you ready to fall into that hole with me? 

Candidly Pretty's Dessert Table & Party Favors

Freelance crafter Koni Esteban of Candidly Pretty and her friends were recently in-charge of visualizing and implementing the dessert table and party favors for an intimate party. Here's how their team made it all happen:

Koni: I was thrilled to be in charge of the dessert table! I decorated it with fabric-covered letters and hand-stitched mini buntings that were intricately made with LOVE =)

Koni: Leah entrusted me to work on the party favors. With the theme in mind, I came up with these pretty pastel-colored hankies.

Kate Spade's Paperless Post
I am a huge advocate of creating e-invites or e-wedsites instead of printed ones. Now don't get me wrong. I loooove papers products and I used to collect them. But the fact of the matter is, it's wasteful. What do we do with invitations after we receive them? Do we REALLY think guests are gonna love it so much that they will display it forever? 

Some would argue that "there's still nothing like sending real invites to make guests feel special" but no matter how you argue it, there are OTHER ways to make guests feel special without having to do this. 

And this is a really serious issue folks. Do you know that the Philippines only has 24% of trees in our forest left? And this is just in our own neck of the woods--how about in the other parts of the globe? I don't claim that I am a pure blooded environmentalist but we can all contribute in our own little way. 

Kate Spade for The Paperless Post
E-invites are soooo easy and fun to make! The best part of it now is, Kate Spade has its own version of it as collaborated with The Paperless Post! So imagine sending out invites using Kate Spade's signature paper products but in paperless version! Oh how delightful! 

First, I'll show you some of the designs and what The Paperless Post is all about. And then next, I will show you a walkthrough of how to make one! It's easy as 1-2-3! 

The Paperless Post writes: "Communication is an extension of personal style: how you say something is often as important as what’s being said. Paperless Post modernizes the tradition of correspondence and helps you create cards and invitations that reflect an individual aesthetic. The medium is the message, after all. Happy sending."

Look at this Paperless Post design with Kate Spade's signature letter note cards! You can even customize the motif and color of your card!

Look! It's Rebellious Bride Mica's wedding invitation copy but in Kate Spade Paperless version! 

You can even customize the e-envelope's design!

Here's a walkthrough of how to make a wedding invitation. I created one for an "imaginary round 4 wedding" *wink*

Prenup Idea: Conquering Your Fears

Photos taken by: Ella Tirol and Ralph Geonzon 

When Rebellious Bride Pia shared with us their underwater prenup session, what made it beautiful was not the "underwater-ness" of it per se. It was the fact that the couple discovered something new about each other and that together, they could conquer a fear. 

So here's a prenup idea for you guys out there: instead of the usual glossy or out-of-this-world prenup sessions, how about facing a fear and conquering it together? Afraid of heights perhaps? How about a hot air balloon session? Afraid of the wilderness? How about an overnight camping/jungle prenup? 

Oh the possibilities are endless! 

Here's the inspiring story that Pia shared with us: 

Kate Spade's DOT DOT DOT Bride Idea
For those of you who follow our monthly Kate Spade mood boards, you might remember that last September it was all about the polka dot. Kate Spade further expanded this polka affair with a "style spy" campaign; calling for fans to share their polka dot sightings and creating an editorial shoot out of it. 

All the photos make for wonderful bride ideas! But lest you think that this can only be used for prenups or for bridal showers, it would even be more awesome if there was an actual wedding that looked like this. After all, nothing screams "classic w/ a twist" than dot dot dots!

The Little WHITE LIE
"Years after your wedding, you will look back and will laugh at how you ridiculously wore a red dress." 
-- The harsh, mean words said by an aunt to a bride, translated in English

 A rebellious bride shared with us of her upcoming beautiful wedding. She excitedly showed her pegs--how she wanted a picnic organic wedding. Everyone will be in all-white, there will be white lily chairs, set against the backdrop of a beautiful ancestral white house. The twist was that she wanted to wear a short red dress and her fiancee wanted to be in shorts. Their parents were surprisingly, in full support. The bride's mom, was even defending her daughter to those who doubted her choices--that as long as her daughter was in the right, as long as they loved one another, and as long as she was getting the wedding she wanted then she couldn't ask for more. But there was a catch. The bride couldn't 100% enjoy her wedding preps because her aunt was totally against her wearing a red dress. The aunt was so against it that she even did the unthinkable--she declined to be the couple's godmother when she found out about the red dress, and even went as far as to say the mean words quoted above among other unsolicited comments insinuating that this was a sinful decision that God will not approve of. 

What I don't understand is why a person would exert so much effort to burst a person's bubble. A bride's wedding to be exact. And why do we do this? WHY? Knowing that a person can get hurt. Knowing that words can stab.

So to all the brides out there who are toying with the idea of colored gowns but are afraid of the potential bullying you might go through, we present you with two options. First option is to let it go. You cannot please everybody! As long as you are happy, learn to tune out these nasty words and channel your energy to the happy wedding preps. Second option is to FIGHT BACK WITH FACTS. What do we mean by this? They say that White is the traditional bridal color right? Well, what if we tell you THAT'S NOT TRUE.

Yes, you read that right. White gowns actually just started as a TREND whereas colored bridal gowns were the real norm. What happened was, a Queen wanted to "go against the flow" and wore white to her wedding, then some bloke created a mean poem about gown colors, while another bloke invented a symbolism for white gowns, then Coco Chanel made a short bridal gown in white then BOOM! White became the new tradition and colored gowns became a mockery. So if you want to fight back, tell your aunt or whoever that you are actually following the REAL tradition! Because colored bridal gowns WERE the real tradition back then. 

Do you think we are making this up? Here's a little bit of History:

The History of the White Wedding Dress

by Kelsey McIntyre, Guest writer
lifted from:

White was not the usual color for bridal gowns
 White has long been accepted as the traditional color of the wedding dress, but wedding gowns were not always white. The marriage of Queen Victoria to her cousin Albert of Saxe- Coburg in 1840 has had more influence on weddings than any other. Queen Victoria put the wheels in motion by marrying in white.  
 Though brides continued to wed in gowns of different colors, white was now set as the color of choice for weddings and has continued ever since. In Godey’s Lady’s Book, 1849, this statement was printed: “ Custom has decided, from the earliest ages, that white is the most fitting hue, whatever may be the material. It is an emblem of the purity and innocence of girlhood, and the unsullied heart she now yields to the chosen one.”
There is an old poem about how the color of your wedding dress will influence your future:  

“Married in white, you will have chosen all right. Married in grey , you will go far away. Married in black, you will wish yourself back. Married in red, you’ll wish yourself dead. Married in blue, you will always be true. Married in pearl, you’ll live in a whirl. Married in green, ashamed to be seen, Married in yellow, ashamed of the fellow. Married in brown, you’ll live out of town. Married in pink, your spirits will sink.”  (Sidenote: Imagine the power of mean words at work here. Someone thought of a mean poem and here we are today. Struggling with our decisions for wearing a bloody colored gown!!!! )

The Industrial Revolution also brought about change. By the 1890’s and the arrival of the department store, almost every woman could realize her dream of being married in a “new” wedding dress. The white dress was gaining popularity and in 1890, Ladies Home Journal wrote: “That from times immemorial the bride’s gown has been white”. Although this statement was NOT true, it shows how deeply accepted it was that a wedding gown be white. Although white was popular, some brides, especially the frontier brides, wore dresses that were more practical and could be worn after the wedding. As wedding dresses closely resembled the fashions of the time, only a little alteration was needed for the dress to be perfect to wear again.

Chanel 1920s short bridal gowns
 Edwardian brides took the traditions of their Victorian ancestors to new extremes. Fashions became more extravagant as the decade progressed, but came to a screeching halt with the outbreak of WWI. Styles became simpler, and also reflected the changing role of women in society with hems getting shorter and the disposing of tightly laced corsets. Coco Chanel was a powerful force behind the change in women's’ fashions, and was the one who officially introduced the short wedding dress in the 1920’s. It was a white knee length dress worn with a long train. This cemented white as the universal color of the wedding dress.

The fact of the matter is, white was not the traditional bridal color. But society was able to 'manipulate' us into thinking this because of Queen Elizabeth, Godey's Lady's Book, a stupid Anonymous Poem, the department stores from the Industrial Revolution, the Ladies Home Journal, and of course Coco Chanel. And so was White really the tradition? It most certainly was not. It's not even driven by religion. It was driven by a TREND. The moral of the story? Let's be inquisitive ladies. And if our ideas are being mocked, play "FACTS" with even more groundbreaking FACTS. For more information, CLICK HERE


The Bridal Entrance

I have often been asked, "What do you regret not being able to do during your wedding?"....or...."What can you advise to brides that they do on their wedding day because no one tells them to do it?" My answer to this is: make sure a friend/relative captures your bridal walk...or better yet, ask your videographer to give you a copy of the raw file of it. They may think this is tedious or an extra step--but don't you think as the bride, you deserve this?

When we featured Rebellious Bride Isoebelle's wedding, she mentioned that she picked Hoppipola for her bridal march and she insisted for their wedding aisle to have paper crane trees even if it was going to be a mega production. Because of this, we were very intrigued with her bridal entrance so we requested for a raw file of it.

BRIDAL WALK from igs films on Vimeo.

We would like to thank IGS Films & Rebellious Bride Isoebelle for indulging us with this request. And we were right to request for this raw file---as expected, the bridal walk was UNREAL! Sooooo beautiful! 

Rebellious Couple Isoebelle & Enzo's Suits & Paper Cranes Wedding

Photography by Nelwin Uy
A rebellious bride is a fighter. She does not give up her ideas just to conform to traditions and what other people think is "good" or "beautiful." 

Rebellious Bride Isoebelle Romero 
 on what makes her a Rebel Bride

It's amazing how one single photo can encapsulate a day. I look at this photo of Isoebelle's bridal hair and in an instant I can already  imagine that her wedding to Enzo must have been whimsical, inspired, romantic, creative but timeless atthe same time. 

When Events Diva Teena Barretto tipped us on this wedding, she said that this wedding was rebellious because the bride had an all-suits entourage (mostly males & gays) and a paper crane theme. I instantly gravitated towards the all-suits, mostly gay entourage and thought that the write-up will probably just focus on this one detail. When Isoebelle emailed us her wedding photos, my heart skipped a beat and when I saw Gideon Hermosa's beautiful work, I was just in pure awe. There's just so much wonder and magic to this wedding and I won't belabor it any longer. So let's get to it! :)

Rebellious Bride: What is the story behind your all-suits, all-male/gay entourage? 

Rock the Suit

I don't have much details of this wedding yet but one look at what the groom wore and you know it's not your run-of-mill type of wedding.

Much thanks to event stylist Gideon Hermosa of Events Studio. 
Groom's suit by famous Filipino designer Francis Libiran.

Last Night's Dream...

If you could have another wedding and money wasn't an issue, who would be your dream wedding team?

Last night, I had a dream. And I wanted to share it with all our beloved readers.

Lifted from:
I dreamed I was getting married...A-G-A-I-N....I can't even begin to wonder why I had a dream like that?!??

Usually, it's just the bride-to-bes who end up dreaming about weird wedding dreams because of wedding jitters...and here I am still dreaming about it. And boy was it weird. I don't wanna elaborate on the weird parts...too much information! Haha.

But in my dream though, I saw myself wearing a short white dress...and of course, a paper bouquet. Oddly enough it was in a church. I had long wavy hair, and I was late. So late in fact that the church supposedly had to make way for a mass & another wedding 'till I arrived. I wonder what this dream could probably mean other than the fact that I'm probably a wedding addict? It just seemed such a random dream because the last time I had dreams like this was in 2010....

If indeed I'd have a Round 4 wedding, I actually already have a dream team in mind. This time around, I'd probably go for Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto and Toto Villaruel (because I would want to have contrasts and two visions) Madje Lejano for my makeup, and the rest I'll probably keep the same team...Jason Magbanua with the For You Are Mine team, {etc} Handmade Goodness, and as loyal as I am, I'd still probably go for Hindy Weber Tantoco. And I'd still probably go for Amanda Tirol even if it wasn't a Bora wedding. 

Theme? I think this time I would want to have a concept that would revolve around exotic flora (real and imaginary) as collaborated w/ Teddy Manuel & The {etc} team
...mashed up with typography/ calligraphy 
as art directed by Fozzy ;)

The dream got me into thinking about short bridal gowns too. Although I am not the type to wear one but since I dreamed of it, I thought of googling about it and here are some that seemed interesting:

Lifted from:
Melanie Cutfield Short Wedding Dresses Gown

Lifted from: